Ace of Swords and Justice


These two cards seem very similar in design with both Fey holding an object between their hands. In the Ace there is a sword and in Justice, a feather.

Is there any reason for this similarity do you think?


I don't know this deck, but justice requires discernment, which is a faculty of mind--the ability to think very clearly, to make logical inferences, to cut the false from the true (separate the wheat from the chaff, which is done using air/wind)....and it can't be subjective, this discernment, to be real "justice" it must reflect objective truth. So perhaps that's why the figures are "receiving" their tools--the feather and the sword--rather than holding them.

Just a few thoughts to get the discussion started...I've always been interested in the relationship between the swords (especially the queen and king!) and justice!


Personally I don't see there being any 'direct' connection. There are other cards in the deck where the Fey is holding their hands in the same manner- King of Cups, who is actually holding something, but then there is the Ace of Cups, who is attempting to actually hold something, hmmm, what other cards?
With the Ace of Swords and Justice, there is the question, are these items being received or are they being 'sent off'?
A typical Justice card has swords, as would the Ace of Swords, a mental thing.
But the Justice Fey has a feather. Think about this, what is a feather? What is it's purpose? It alone, cannot be of any use for it is part of many that make the whole. The whole brings flight, with flight brings an overall view, a perception that is wide & high. With such perception, again, everything becomes whole and to have the whole is the best to have when Justice is at hand.
I see the fey Justice as more of a force of nature. Like the feather and the bird that needs it, it is an intricate balance within nature that is 'reality'.


lunalafey said:
There are other cards in the deck where the Fey is holding their hands in the same manner-

I can't see them, could you please link them? I don't mean actually holding something but more as Debra describes as in either letting them go, manifesting them or concentrating on them.

I was wondering with the Ace of Swords if she was letting the truth go and it looks extremely painful to do that. I was also wondering if that's the same sword that has branded the fey in the Three of Swords.


Characters with things manifesting, levitating, coming down or moving away as far as I can see are:
Ace of Swords - a small sword
Knave of Swords - a big sword
Knight of Chalices - a small sword in one hand and a cup in the other
Knave of Wands - an egg with a plant growing on top
Magician - a mouse
Justice - a feather

At times I've read some of these cards as calling, releasing or holding still, what I've seen each time has depended on the reading. The magician I've only seen as manifesting so far, the ace of swords as all of the above :D I don't know if there was an intention to link these cards together through common symbolism, but it has worked this way for me in readings, one just yesterday in the reading circles here in AT, linking the knave of wands with justice.


I have found a kind of link!

The feather is a symbol of flying above all else in order to gain an objective view. The sword has a similar symbolism and is often seen in the traditional Justice cards.

The sword is also a symbol of yang and means among other things, truth, action, will and force.

Both Fey look as though they are focusing their will on their objects in order to manifest their qualities or principles.