ADEPT LEVEL; 21 Ways . . . Step FIVE


Oh, you are too flattering! If you do get out your Thoth, you'll see I am stretching it a bit--in the chart, I mean. That Princess of Disks looks NOTHING LIKE an apprentice, I assure you! But I was just trying to stick with the numbers, and that's where they took me.

I'm really getting into the fairy tale thing. I don't know where they're going, but Mary really gave me permission to follow wherever!

I'm glad you liked them.

I'm going to try to finish my Step 4 (fairy tale step) tomorrow if I can get a guinea pig at my Tarot Society meeting, that will be continuing fairy tale practice!


Chapter 5 complete

I've edited my prior entry to include the stories from Chapter 5. That was very different for me - to make up a story! But I could sense a new understanding of the suits as I went through it. A different flow. on to Chapter 6 now!


Rachel's stories

Hi Rachelcat, I really like your idea of the suit as an effort to return to the perfection of the Ace. gives it a real direction. Enjoyed your stories, too. You use your imagination!


Hi, Chela!

I really like you Wands story. It rings so true! And all of your stories. They are really down to earth in a great way--to make the meanings really come out.

I did my Step 6 already (even though it's kind of short!), so now we're neck and neck! Talk to you soon!


adept 5 my keywords

This is a list of keywords that I've put together. This is my "backup" memorized list that can be used for any deck I'm working with.

Pages – learning - 11
PC – learning importance of emotions, art, intuition
PW – learning importance of actions, passion, spirituality
PS – learning importance of intellect and communication
PP – learning importance of health, wealth, home
Knights – action - 12
TC – takes action on emotional matter, puts feelings above all else
TW – takes action in a new direction of growth, enthusiastic about doing
TS – takes action on what is right and just and ideal, speak your mind - communicate
TP – takes action to achieve well-being, steady and dependable
Queens – other - 13
QC – focused on emotional aspects of relationship; introspective
QW – focused on social aspects of relationship; creative and outgoing
QS – focused on communication in relationships; self-sufficient and smart
QP – focused on family well-being; comfortable with self and environment
Kings – self - 14
KC – be in control of your feelings and imagination, direct others
KW – be in control of your life, desires, actions, spiritual direction, direct others
KS – be in control of your thoughts and communications, direct others
KP – be in control of your well-being, direct others

1 begins – pay attention
2 choice – remember past - dialogue
3 result – imagine – create - growth
4 stability – reason -
5 turning point – insights – friction - change
6 re-establish – choose – balance – sharing - connection
7 reflect – be receptive – wait -
8 strive for completion – control you – struggle to succeed
9 completion – be example to others - achievement
10 result of your learning – new start then


00 – new venture faced with trust
01 – use all resources to accomplish goal
02 – look inward and rely on intuition
03 – creative force
04 – in charge, leader, father
05 – culture, teacher
06 – love and openness
07 – independence
08 – inner strength
09 – wisdom
10 – change coming
11 – opportunity to learn from past
12 – see things in new way
13 – let go of old, make way for new
14 – getting along with others
15 – wake up and realize where you are
16 – unexpected change
17 – hope for future
18 – what fears hold you back? / women
19 – joy and freedom
20 – awakening to lessons learned
21 – success and completion
1C – overflowing emotion
1W – opportunity for action
1S – inspiration and power
1P – increase in well-being
2C – choice/relationship, happyrelationship
2W – choice/action, planning ahead
2S – difficult choice – use your head
2P – choice/keep balance in your life
3C – joy in friendship
3W – result of plans put in motion
3S – let go in the mind what troubles heart
3P – teamwork/joint effort
4C – seek stability of emotions
4W – celebrate with others
4S – seek stability of thoughts
4P – seek stability and well-being
5C – turning point in relationship
5W – need for direction of action
5S – need to change your thinking
5P – turning point in well-being
6C – kindness in relationship
6W – recognition for your efforts
6S – moving to calmer state of mind
6P – sharing what you have
7C – not time to choose; reflect
7W – defend yourself and your solutions
7S – use your own ideas to solve problems
7P – not time to act – wait and reassess
8C – turn away from unsatisfying situation
8W – be ready for creative action
8S – restricted thinking
8P – working for mastery/create well-being
9C – emotional satisfaction, wish
9W – protect what you have worked for
9S – worry and fears in your own head
9P – enjoy what you have achieved
10C – happy family and friends
10W – feeling burdened by ambitions/work
10S – end of false thinking, overwhelmed
10P – enjoyment and sharing

overall theme, repeated archetypes, elements, numbers, colors, actions


21 Ways...Adept Step 5 RWS

Step 5-2:1

How does the word integration apply to the following threes:

Three of wands – an integration of resources and effort waiting for a return on that investment.

Three of Cups – The integration of emotions and intimacy result in a coming together to celebrate the result.

Three of Swords – sorrow results from the integration of bad ideas and indecisions
Three of Pentacles – the integration of hard work and prudence is coming to fruition

The Empress – the integration of femininity, nurturing, and fertility embodies a maternal image

The World – integration, of knowledge, experience, hard work, creativity and risk
results in a successful conclusion.

The Hanged Man - Integration of inward journey, quest for enlightenment results in new

5-2:2 RWS

How are choices made or not from my deck?

2 of wands it appears that the choice has been made as the figure holds one wand in his hand as he ponders where in the world he will cast his fate, while the other wand is securely fastened.

2 of cups the two people have chose each other as they meet at the beginning of a love relationship indicated by him taking a step toward her and she appears to be receiving a cup from him.

2 of swords the woman has not made a decision she is of two minds and is holding steady in that state.

2 of pentacles man has not made a choice he avoids the decision balancing the two coins
for now.

The High Priestess there isn’t a choice but the relations to the twos are the duality represented by the 2 columns B and J

Justice is the choice between guilt and innocence is the choice has to be made.

Judgment a choice has to made as to stagnate or grow.


I think duality is a better word for the twos. I suppose balance can work for the twos because duality has to be balanced at some point.

The differences:

Twos are about choices and duality

Fours are stable and established: still

Sixes are harmonious and balanced: peaceful

Eights are about movement and change: action


21 Ways Adept Level 5 RWS

Step 5-3 RWS

Ones – Gift/Potentiality

Magician provides all the tools you will need for your journey through life, the symbols:
A wand provides inspiration, ambition and passion
A cup provides the opportunity to experience the spiritual side of life; love, relationships and joy as well as an awareness of a power or energy greater than you.
A sword provides intellectual ability to understand and make sense of your world.
A pentacle provides an awareness of attainable wealth, contentment and stability
These tools on the magician’s tables represents, if used wisely, the potential to create the kind of life you want.

Wheel of Fortune provides the potential to achieve any goal; the wheel represents the potential for good luck if it turns in your favor.

The Sun represents the potential of a successful life to the one who has used the magician’s tools wisely.

Ace of Wands symbol is a wand being offered; representing a new idea, a new career, job or fresh inspiration that can be developed as you wish. This is indicated by flowing river that is currently free of turbulence.

Ace of Cups a cup with fountains of water falling into an ocean potential for love, a new relationship potential for an old relationship to take on new meaning, potential for deepening spirituality.

Ace of swords the gift of divine wisdom, and truth indicated by the crown at the top of the sword.

Ace of Pentacles the gift for wealth and contentment the pentacle being offered in a safe, protected environment.

Twos – duality/choice

High Priestess sits between two columns in front of a veil holding a scroll on her lap, the symbol of the moon on her head and at her feet. She guards the entrance to the unconscious or inner knowledge and can shed light on your inner most thoughts. Illumination

Justice sits on a bench holding a two edged sword upright: choice and the scales of justice down: balance

Judgment Gabriel blows his horn calling souls to a higher level of being. What will they do? Choice

Two of wands chose one of two wands with which to invest in his future. While securing the other.

Two of Cups the figures are moving toward each other. Unity

Two of swords figure holding two swords across her chest the water in the background is troubled indicating emotional distress yet she refuses to choose. Opposition

Two of Pentacles a figure juggling two pentacles in the trajectory of the infinity sign, with rough seas behind him. Balance

Threes – result of the previous union

Empress - the heart shield with the sign of Venus and the field of wheat indicates; fertility

The Hanged Man - with the golden glow around his head indicates a new or different spiritual perspective development

World - she is dancing for joy success at last. fruition

3 of wands – having increased his wealth from 2 to 3 wands the gentleman waits for an even greater return on his investment. fruition

3 of cups – three women raised their cups in celebration could it be that the couple from the 2 of cups have announce their engagement? fruition

3 of swords – a heart pierced by 3 swords. Perhaps, an action resulted in disappointment or hurt. Result

3 of pentacles – three figures seem to be discussion the work or design of the craftsman. Collaboration

Fours – power

Death – The power to bring about change

Emperor – Royalty Authority, also powerful

4 of wands - abundance, the people look prosperous wealth brings power

4 of cups – the figure is sitting with arms and legs crossed not open to anything new the power to withdraw

4 of swords – Knight takes time out to meditate/pray, power allows him to take the time to rest,
4 of pentacles – same as four of cups, closed off. The power to not be accepting.

Fives – instability

Temperance the angel is stirring the water bringing emotional turbulence

Hierophant letting go of the concrete foundation to reach for the Divine

5 of wands, men in conflict

5 cups man bemoaning loss and not realizing how much he still has

5 swords man has demoralized 2 other men

5 of pentacles 2 figures are suffering in the coldness of poverty when they only need to look up to see that help may be just around the corner.

Sixes – Support

Lovers pairing, intimacy

Devil in need of support to get the courage to over come what the devil represents

6 of wands cheering supportive crowds

6 of cups friendship

6 of swords supporting each other on a difficult journey

6 of pentacles – supporting others through charity

Sevens – challenges

The Tower thrown out of comfort zone Challenge: must find a safe landing

The Chariot bringing opposite forces together Challenge: do not be overcome by different points of view

7 of wands under fire, being attacked Challenge: how to calm this situation

7 cups so many options from which to choose, challenge: which is the right one

7 of swords Something is being stolen challenge: catching the thief.

7 of pentacles watch pot never boils challenge: patience

Eights – regeneration

Star hope and healing

Strength courage to keep going, the strength to over come

8 of wands the will and ability to handle whatever come at you no matter how fast

8 of cups follow your dream

8 of pentacles with hard work and perseverance success will come

Nine – culmination

The Moon surrender to the energy go with the flow

Hermit time of reflection

9 of wands protecting what you have worked hard to earn ready to fight for it.

9 of cups he’s happy in his relationships,

9 of swords nothing to fear but fear itself results of the monsters he created

9 of pentacles finally a peaceful financially secure retreat

Tens – completion

The Sun all is well and as it should be

The Fool “Off to see the wizard …” the beginning, the end, the beginning “round and round we go” The journey doesn’t end as we reach one level we must strive for even deeper meaning.

10 of wands is this what he worked so hard for to carry an even bigger burden?

10 of cups happy days are here family intact and happy, all the “stuff” has been resolved

10 swords The end.

10 of pentacles a good place to end up, family intact money in the bank all’s well.

Pages – messengers
Knights – Adventurous
Queens – Supportive do the grunt work
Kings – Movers and shakers


For SistaSpirit and others just starting this journey

This is a big step, and a lot of work. Congratulations for sticking with your choice to follow these 21 steps. The keywords you have chosen are important for you to remember and to use----not to use forever but to use as long as they work for you. On my tarot journal cover, one of those notebooks with the clear covers that you can put an insert into, I have made up a grid of cards and keywords a couple of years ago. Looking at it the other day, I realized that it was very outdated now.

This is all part of the process of growing. And, you will grow as you move thru these exercises. Good luck, have fun. Dave



Thanks for the comments and your leadership.


21 Ways Adept Level 5 RWS


Numbers of Wands

I received notice that I had gotten what I thought was my ideal job. I was struck by the limitless opportunities; the world would be my playground if I made good decisions. I was given a promotion and was assigned more projects, as my decisions contributed to the company’s bottom line. I was able to buy my family a new home; we celebrated our good fortune with family and friends.

Some of my co-workers were jealous they said that I rose two quickly and that I tried to make them look bad, but I was vindicated when the whole organization voted to give me an award for my contributions to the profitability of the company. Of course, once I reached a higher level and more visibility in the company, there were more challenges, younger competition.

I had to work even harder to maintain my position in the company. The company was very successful and grew very fast. There was more work, more deadlines, and fewer vacations, even though I managed to keep up I began to feel burned out and overwhelmed.

Number of Cups

I was standing alone by the lake, feeling melancholy, wondering when that special someone would enter my life. When this handsome young man came over and offered me a drink. I accepted and as we talked, we discovered that we really liked each other. Soon after, we were engaged. At our engagement party, my best girlfriends wished me luck as we drank toasts to my future.

After a year, I feared that my finance grew bored with me as bemoaned the lost of his relationships and questioned whether we were right for each other. I reminded him of our first meeting, the feelings of love we shared and how we promised each other that our love was true. I also reminded him of how excited he was when I accepted his proposal.

He responded by saying that he was torn between the confines of married life, how it would affect his friendships and family relationships so he wanted to be sure that he made the right choice. We agreed that he needed sometime alone to determine what he really wanted from life.

After some time away, he came back rejoicing in his realization that he had many good friends and relationships that would remain intact after our marriage but in any case he was sure that I was most important to him. It has been ten years and we are still happily married, our love grows ever stronger, we have two lovely children and a beautiful home.

Numbers of Swords

I tire of all the possible options before me. My mind is reeling with intellectual curiosity. As soon as I think I have things all figured out I’m bombarded with even more options. I wish I could hide for a while, turn off the voices in my head but no matter how hard I try I can’t quiet my thoughts. People are beginning to say I’m insane, this hurts me badly but I will not show it. Perhaps I do need to get away for a while. I’ll go on a retreat and meditate for a while. That will quiet my mind; I’ll be able to think again. Now that I’m back they make fun of me again. I’ll show them. I’ll get my revenge alright. They’ll be sorry they ever made fun of me. I did it! I bested them all, I had no sympathy, rather I enjoyed it. They are lucky I let them live. The King banished my family and me from the village, from the only home we have known. It wasn’t my fault. They started it; I had a right to defend myself. It is not over yet, I’ll wait until no one is around and I will take what I need to help my family get started again. It’s not stealing, anyway it serves them right for sending us away. It’s not my fault, maybe I should tell the king that it’s the voices in my head, maybe he could get help for me. What’s the use, no one is going to help me, they are all against me. What can I do about it, how can I start over in a new land where no one knows me? How can I provide for my family, life’s too hard maybe I can find peace in death? That’s it. My wife could go back to her family, but they will be outcasts, my son wouldn’t have a chance. I will end it for all of us. Maybe death will offer respite.

Numbers of Pentacles

With my engineering degree and this small gift from my parents, I will make my fortune. This is not going to be as easy as I thought. It not only takes knowledge but it takes hard work as well. Oh well I’ll keep at it. Ahh, it’s beginning to pay off, I received my first real contract and now I can see some income. I had better be conservative and save it. I will not be a wastrel.

What did I do wrong? I was doing so well, now I’m broke. Perhaps I should have listened to my father and invested in my business instead of trying save every dime by doing all the work myself, now it’s all gone. I have learned my lesson, I’ll not only invest in my business I’ll hire staff and pay them good wages then I can build my business. I’ll focus on my business not on getting wealthy.

My strategy is paying off, business is good but it is taking so long to build real wealth. I shall be patient and continue to work hard and expand my business into other areas.
The business is doing well the new branches are thriving all is well. Finally, as my father said when he invested in me as a young man, be creative, work hard, be generous and be patient in the end you’ll reap your rewards. My family is financially secure and has a prosperous future to look forward to, my father is a wise man.