advice needed on a querents question

Lilly May Mango


I've got a client who is concerned about her son's general health and wants me to do a reading that explores this.

Now I'm new to this but ethically I dont want to do a spread about someone who has not asked for a reading and i know we have to be careful when looking at health.

At the same time i dont want to turn her away completely.

Does anyone have any advice on a way we can change her query to focus more on her while still addressing her concerns for her son? I feel that she needs guidence of some kind but i dont want to intrude on the sons privacy or lead the client in the wrong direction. Or if anyone has a suggested spread?

Any help will be very much apreciated.

ps sorry if this is in the wrong forum i wasnt sure where to post it


How about coming from the Mothers perspective What can I do to improve my sons health? That way you can look at ways on what she can do to help her son without you actually enquiring about her son.

Lilly May Mango

That's a good idea, thank you