Aeon, question about lucid dreams


Your reply to Aeonx's post about 'tarot and evil?' triggered my curiousity about lucid dreaming. I understand that you use an alarm clock so you are able to lucid dream. Is there another way that one can do this without using ringing noises? I dream a lot and whatever noises that i hear tend to influence them. For example, everytime my phone or alarm clock starts to ring, a phone or clock usually appears in my dream. I keep trying to pick it up or turn it off until i realise that i'm dreaming and suddenly wake up.
Could you suggest another approach to lucid dreaming or maybe a link to a site with informative resources?

New River

Hi Hoonoki!

every night before i fall asleep i ask my subconscious to help me remember my dreams. afterall, how is it supposed to communicate with me if i don't remember it's messages (dreams)?

by doing this i've found that i usually wake up right after dreaming when the memory is the strongest. then i always write down quickly and sometimes nearly illegibly (lol) what i remember. this has been a big help to me.

i can't imagine what hearing an alarm clock in the middle of the night would do to my system! i don't even use one to wake me up in the morning. i leave that up to my guide. yep. i ask him to wake me at a certain time and poof! that's when i wake up!

this is just my way of doing it, i know everyone is different.

my favorite dream book is The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World of Dreams, by Wilda B. Tanner. there is a good section on lucid dreaming.

love, light and peace, New River