Alchemical Study Group - Elemental Dignities


I've started this thread up because of the non-reversible back on the Alchemical Tarot. I'll be asking those in the Thoth section of the site to join in here too.

As neither of these decks can use reversals they use ED (Elemental Dignities) to show lines of stress or blockage in readings but as this is far from standard many people get confused by them (and I still do) so this thread is to help us newbies understand them.

Resources for understanding ED:
Tarot Decoded - Elizabeth Hazel
Super Tarot:
... and so on

Alchemical Tarot Element Thread:


hi kenny,
I'd love to learn some more; curious as what others have to say. I use thoth without reversals, using ed's instead. (I believe there are people who actually use reversals with thoth, but wouldn't that be redundant?)
I stick to triads; I am afraid I will get confused elementally if the spread gets any bigger.:)
I do not use the Alchemical, but that does not matter, right?


balenciaga it doesn't matter if you don't use the Alchemical, it's a name I'm using to identify the thread!

You might also be interested in reading this thread on the elements themselves as it might help you understand the elements themselves a bit better.

balenciaga you said that you already try a bit on ED, what do you do and look for?

Always Wondering

Thanks for the links Kenny,
I will study them and be back.



Kenny said:
what do you do and look for?

First I see which cards are of the same element, then I corral the cards of either feminine or masculine energy - now, what do I do if they are passive - feminine - does that mean to take no action - sit back and let other forces take the lead?