Alchemical Study Group - Four of Coins


In this card a man is shovelling earth into a pit containing four coins. Behind him is a lake, or the ocean, and a tree. He is dressed in primitive clothing.

In the book, Place says that this card is heavily grounded because of the number four and also Coins being a physical suit. It could indicate that there is too much focus on the material aspects of life.

I think also that it can show that by focusing so much on material wealth, or accumulation of wealth, you can miss out on other wonderful things in life, such as the lush scenery in the background. Also the tree in the background could symbolise that there will always be enough for you and there is no need to worry. He is working so hard to conserve his wealth that he has no time to spend it, not even time to buy new clothes :)


Interesting, I had not thought of it in that manner.

I see him hiding his treasure, but they're mainly his physical skills, his talents given to him. He is choosing to hide his candle under the bush.

He does not to be noticed, hence his clothes, and just wants to ignore what has been given to him (the 4 suns he's burying). This could be a negative type of hermit, one who cuts themselves off from the world for no reason but fear, rather than trying to trying to get closer to their god(s).


Interesting idea about him hiding his talents. So hiding the four suns could relate to his own sun, as in inner light, or inner talent. Very interesting!


(from the book)

A primitively clad man is burying his wealth, his four golden coins, in the ground. Four is the number of the physical, and coins are suit of the physical. This is a heavily grounded card. It suggests perhaps too much concern for the physical. If it points to imbalance, it indicates a miser. In its more positive aspect, it indicates someone who is frugal. Conserving one's resources might be wise at times.

Tarot wisdom: You are being overly concerned about physical well-being, whether health or wealth. The message suggests that you should hold back on spending money or energy. If things are out of kilter in your life, the card appears like a slap on the hand to remind you to regain a more balanced perspective.


The hole in the ground that the person is digging looks like a grave to me. Maybe this card is saying that being overly concerned with money is a form of death, possibly a spiritual death.