Alchemical Study Group - Knight of Staffs


(from the book)

A knight stands in a desert landscape holding a burning staff, with red, fire-like plumes on his helmet.

Tarot wisdom: You enjoy health and vitality. You are ready to create something new, or take on challenges in a new area. Your stamina is an inspiration to others.


I have generally associated the Knight of Staffs to be moving and active however in this deck we see a Knight who is standing still. I get more of a sense that he is READY to move and READY to be active but hasn't yet taken the first step. He has taken the necessary steps to ready himself and now is about to embark on a new path, journey, stage of life, or course of action. I would also normally associate the Knight of Fire with the astrological sign of Sagittarius, but in this deck he looks much more like Leo to me.