Alchemical Study Group - Lady of Staffs


(from the book)

A woman in classical dress stands in a desert landscape and holds a burning staff. Looking upon it with admiration, she begins to dance.

Tarot wisdom: You have a fascination with light and energy, a sense of appreciation and wonder. You have mastered the art of graceful movement in all ways. You are well suited to start an endeavor in a new area, to make the desert bloom.


This Lady of Staffs appears to me to be captivated by the energy of her staff, she gazes at it with a contemplative look, I wonder if this suggests here for us that she is assimilating the possibilities of new ideas? The landscape is clear, except for one small plant that grows, perhaps representing for us here the likelihood of growth. This seems to be saying to me that the way is now open to grab hold of those ideas or thoughts and set them in motion, to create a new landscape if you like.

As was said in the post above, "to make the desert bloom".

I think this Lady delivers the message here of "stop thinking about it and get on with it!"

Monday morning thoughts :)