Alchemical Study Group - Queen of Staffs


(from the book)

A crowned woman in classical dress stands in the desert holding two torches. The torch in her left hand is raw and natural left as it was when taken from a tree. The other is refined, and has been carved in a decorative classical design.

Tarot wisdom: Like the Queen of Swords, the Queen of Staffs is presenting us with a choice. In this case, it is between that which is natural, unprocessed, or possibly crude, and that which is refined or sophisticated. For more insight into these choices, look at the cards that flank this one in your layout.

Feisty Kat

This card always makes me think of Hekate, Goddess of Crossroads, in her traditional (Greek) guise as a maiden with 2 torches.

UZU--Melia/Feisty Kat

Yocheved Dina

Queen of staffs

This card is appearing for me often as of late and I want to explore it more. She offering a choice, and she is standing still looking directly at the reader (me) in silence. She resembles Justice, and wears the crown of royalty. Although she is not a trump card, she certainly carries herself like one. I'd love to hear your feelings about her.