Alchemical Study Group - Three of Vessels


(from the book)

Three women are balancing vessels on their heads. They resemble caryatids, which in the classical world were columns in the shape of women who bear the weight of a building. Like columns, the women here are equal, and are almost identical to each other. On the vessels are symbols for (left to right) earth, air and fire. The vessel symbolizing water can be found on the head of the Lady of Vessels later in this suit. These woman are her companions, her support group. Three women together is suggestive of the Triple Goddess, or of the Three Fates, which is one of the aspects of the Triple Goddess.

Tarot wisdom: Friendship is the central theme here. The message points to a support group. Everyone carries equal weight so that no one person is burdened more than the others. Know that support comes to you when it is needed. The Three Fates suggest either support that has been given in the past, is being given in the present, or might be coming in the future. The
fertility aspect of the Triple Goddess might be germane to a
reading--like being a supportive midwife to a birth.