Alchemists in the house?


Was wondering about those who either combine tarot and alchemy or practice both separately. I have had an interest in alchemy for some time. A discussion about Jung and alchemy is what brought me eventually to tarot. Would love to hear from any alchemists here at AT and get suggestions regarding books, opinions about what other areas of study alchemy intersects with (like tarot, the relationship to magic, etc.). How alchemists ideas of alchemy can vary. Just, well, anything anyone wishes to share. I have much to learn and would be grateful for suggestions.


I started researching alchemy after picking up the Ludy Lescot deck and finding a lot of associations to Jung's theories. It's certainly a process digging up information that is useful and applicable. One of the best references that I was able to purchase is The Mystery of the Coniuncitio: Alchemical Image of Individuation by Edward F. Edinger (thanks Hemera!). The (small) book is a series of lectures that you can directly connect to the Major Arcana. Interesting reading.

Both Hermera and I have written some of our thoughts in the Ludy Lescot study group. You'll find some information under the Aces and various other threads, and though they relate to the specific pictures of that deck, the ideas can easily be transfered and intigrated with whatever deck you're working with.


I study it on and off, at least in theory, to use in readings, but nothing more than that.

Aside from using it symbolically, does anyone actually still practice alchemy? I thought it was proven lead can't be turned to gold.


Thanks for the suggestions MaineGirl!

I appreciate any direction. Closrapexa, well, that's what I'm trying to find out! :) I want to know SOMETHING about alchemy, practical practices, even the history of it. I find it interesting even from a historical viewpoint.


Of course, I was sincerely asking, if there are any still. :)

If you've studied the Thoth, it deals heavily in alchemy; some easy, some impossible. DuQuette's book doesn't really go into it except for the basics present in some cards; I have no doubt that there is more there than I'm seeing. You could also try The Holy Light Tarot, it is higly alchemical, but I don't know if its companion book has come out yet. There is also Robert Place's Alchemical Tarot, but I don't know if it even has a companion book (plus I'm not too fond of it in any case).

So, if there is one, and I certainly plan to do so when it comes out, I think the best bet is to get the Tarot of the Holy Light. Me, I'm already in love with it even without owning it, but I am waiting for the book. It seems like a deck that there isn't that much to go on in terms of related literature (for example, you could study the Thoth without reading the Bot once, since it's "language" is more common), since it would mean disparate study of theoretical alchemy. I'm too stupid for that :)

I'm suggesting studying it through decks because that's the kind of person I am, I like seeing things illustrated, like a child with picture books. :)


I don't even have any sort of meaningful grasp of what alchemy is. Could someone give me an idiot's first definition of alchemy? I'm serious. All I know is you blend stuff to make something else. (biting lip)


I hear ya Carla!

I went on Amazon just to do a search and there are quite a few NEWLY published (as in last five years) books on alchemy. Some seem done more from a scientific approach, more from a spiritual or occult? It is interesting to me where alchemy diverges, if it does, from purely scientifc to the more esoteric. I wasn't even really sure to start and wanted a good starting point. I am hoping this thread will lead to some interesting discussions and any of us wishing for more info can get it.
INTERESTING point, closrapexa. That is another issue to me, where tarot and alchemy may meet. I first would like to get some grasp, even a basic one, on alchemy, before seeing how it may coincide with tarot. Like Carla, I wish to have some basic knowledge of really what it is (beyond the usual dictionary definition) and then go from there.


I am told by Adam McLean - whose website is full of good stuff on the subject - that there is no quick guide worth its salt...

But I've found Roob useful for background.


Oh thank you gregory!

I was just looking for a starting point. I know there is no real condensed version when it comes to anything worth studying, but we all have to start somewhere! I just wanted to find a good beginning and go from there. Where we start our journey is so important and sources matter.


Thanks for the name, gregory, I'm reading the site as we speak :)