I hope this is the right forum in which to post this.

Prior to opening up my psychic abilities - a few years prior in fact - I had a very strange experience in which I believe I had been visited by aliens. I had just woken up in the morning, but was still lying in bed when all of a sudden this bright white light came to me - I knew they were aliens, but they came to me as white light because they knew I would be afraid of them if they appeared as they truly are. They offered to take me back to their home planet and promised if I went them, I would receive eternal peace, but I declined because I wanted to stay with my boyfriend and wasn't really sure I could trust them. The strange thing about this entire experience is that I was overwhelmed with a feeling of peace - I have never felt more peaceful before or after that experience in my entire life. It was like everything was right with the world all at once and nothing could change that - it was definitely a pleasant, wonderful feeling that continued to stay with me until I got out of bed.

A few things about this experience - some say that I was simply dreaming, but I truly believe I was awake when this happened and that something really did come to visit me. Due to the nature of this forum I thought that people might be a bit more understanding. Just this year I read the book "Extraordinary Psychic" by Debra Lynne Katz, and was shocked when near the end of the book she claimed that she had on at least one occasion unintentionally made contact with aliens. I also believe that a few remote viewers have claimed contact with aliens - not sure where I heard this but it may have been the book "Psi Spies." Anyway, since Katz is a psychic and many people here are psychics, shamans, witches, etc, I thought that maybe some of you out there might have had similar experiences in which you were visited by something decidedly alien and not a spirit.

Since my first experience I did have one other encounter with what would be called a "Gray" alien, but was too scared to try and communicate with it so I am not sure why it was there. I am hoping that at least SOME of you have had some sort of alien experience as my boyfriend has been very worried about me when I mention things like this, so if other people have had similar experiences, I won't feel so alone... but if not then I guess I will be talking to my psych! Looking forward to your replies.


Rainboweve, I do believe in aliens. I think we'd be rather silly to truly believe we are the only life forms in the universe. I don't recall having any contact like you are speaking of with aliens, but I do definitely believe they exist and further-I believe they have made contact with people on Earth and are often on Earth.

I have the same book you speak of, and it is an excellent book. I fully believe in Debra Katz' story of aliens contacting her also.

I have known many people who tell stories of coming in contact with UFOs that they know for sure were not from our time, and that they saw aliens as well. These are intelligent people and not the type to talk shite. I believe them. I am not so sure I would want to come in contact with an alien myself--as I fear them more then I fear spirits. I am a psychic medium, and have had my share of contact with the deceased & with my guides, but so far no aliens that I can recall. I'd like to keep it just as it is too. Spirits welcomed, Aliens-no stopping--keep on going.

I think perhaps you did come to place where you will find support. I'm sure there are folks here who feel they have had experiences like yours. People tend to laugh at me when I tell them I can talk to the dead. But, I can do it. I have done it and I've gotten information that I could not have received if I couldn't do what I do. So why not aliens too? I've seen angels too, and people laugh at me when I share that--but I have. If they don't want to believe me, that is up to them. Hopefully you can adopt the same attitude. I - for one-believe you. Cool story too!


I don't remember the name, but a famous (eccentric) physicist once blurted out to his students "where is everyone??" meaning by which, the accepted (theoretical) age of the universe is 13 and a half billion years. In that span of time it would be foolish to think innumerable civilizations didn't rise and fall and then rise again. By any logical thinking, the universe is crowded with life, but we as a civilization are little more than apes, so it makes sense a people who have had billions of years to develop would show little interest in us.

Even if you go by probability, in a theoretically infinite universe, life must have occurred elsewhere as well. The only problem is distance. Star Trek aside, the exceeding of the speed of light is a theoretical and a mathematical impossibility, but I'm willing to entertain the thought that a billions-year old civilization has managed to overcome that (even Star Trek circumvents this problem with a "warp bubble" in which the normal laws of physics don't apply).

I am not in a position to believe or disbelieve your story, as even the accepted scientific view is that it would be foolish to assume life on other planets, but it would also be foolish not to. Add to that that we as a species are nothing special; primitive, warlike, self-destructive and vain. If I were an alien, this would not be my preferred vacation spot.

In other words, I don't believe you, but I also don't not believe you. Keeping an open mind is essential. Just as Woody Alan once said about whether there is no God or not "I`d hate to blow my brains out and then read in the papers they found something."

In short, absence of proof is not proof of absence, and in a forum where people look at pictures to tell their fortunes, I wouldn't dismiss anything. Next time, go with them, I would have. :)


I haven't had personal experiences with aliens besides a couple sighting of "UFO's", but I have listened to a lot of people who have had them talking on a radio show called Coast to Coast AM.

From what I understand, they somehow have the ability to make someone feel peaceful. They have been known to use it to subdue scared abductees prior to performing experiments on them. I personally would not be attributing that feeling of peace to anything in the least way spiritual.