All about my musical deck!


Hope this is OK to go back to, I feel there were unanswered questions.

Here is a blow-by-blow of why which:

0) "Prologue" by Loreena McKennitt

This one is exotic & has the feel of the beginning of a journey. As "The Fool" is the prologue to the deck, thus "Prologue".

1) "The Mystic's Dream"

This one seems obvious: The Magician is a mystic, & this is full of exotic mysticism.

2) "Lily" by Kate Bush

It begins with a prayer; if you happen to see "The Red Shoes", Lily sits enthroned & is truly the High Priestess. (Kate is in training here!)

3) "The Memory of Trees" by Enya

This one is so gorgeous, like a Paradise garden, that it has always associated itself with "The Great Mother", The Goddess, whatever you want to call her, in my mind. It was easy to choose this one for The Empress.

4) "The Mighty One" by Maire Brennan

I think the title says it all!

5) "Pax Deorum" by Enya

Father in Heaven, God bless us
Father in Heaven, God bless me
Believe that each day which breaks is your last.

Pretty Heirophantish!

6) "The Dark Night of the Soul" by Loreena McKennitt

This is all about "the lover" & "the beloved one". It is supposed to be about a higher than earthly love, but to me it sounds like the ultimate romantic love song.

7) "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2

The first time I heard this song, I just about had a heart attack. (I know Bono VERY slightly... 'nuther story!!!!! ;) ) Its driving rhythm is all about movement, and surely the title is suggestive enough!

8) "Sapientie" by Jocelyn Montgomery & David Lynch

The first of the really dark Goth numbers, this is Hildegard von Bingen done with effects. The piety in the music expresses strength to me; also, Sapientie means "wisdom". I find that wisdom & strength are related.

9) "Prospero's Speech" by Loreena McKennitt

She is heavily represented in this collection; her music attempts to touch the numinous, a trait I find characteristic of all the music I found appropriate to Tarot contemplation. This one is Prospero, the ultimate hermit, who also can be equated with Father Time, which is who The Hermit really is.

10) "Cursuum Perficio" by Enya

This one might be a little obscure. This was an inscription over the door of the home where Marilyn Monroe died (for you trivia buffs). The translation is about ending a journey.

I finish the course;
A word to the wise [one]:
The more people have, the more they want.
After clouds, sun.

I think it sums up The Wheel of Fate nicely. "After clouds, sun": The nature of life & fate is cyclical.

11) "Dea Noctu" by The Moors

This one opens up my 2nd CD. If you can manage to find the obscure Moors, they are fabulous! I only use their music for sacred purpose. It's so serious, you just *know* they ain't kiddin' around! This one is about the Goddess by Night, who resonates so well with the figure of Justice to me (I associate the card with figures like Cerridwen, who was an otherworld figure who meted out justice in the old legends) that it was obvious to me.

12) "Passion" by Peter Gabriel

This is from the soundtrack from "The Last Temptation of Christ" (the last big scandal!). This track expresses the suffering of the soul. Also, Christ is the ultimate "Hanged Man", so it seemed perfect.

13) "'Til Death Do Us Unite" by Avrigus

Avrigus is a somewhat obscure Goth band from Down Under, & they set a perfect mood for the darker keys. The words say it all:

"When darkness falls, the dead shall rise..."

...& continues in this vein. It is a song all about death!!!!!!!

14) "Dante's Prayer" by Loreena McKennnitt

This one expresses The Dark Night of the Soul again. This is a rather more obscure one, I'm sure. It calls on a higher power to get through the darkness. It expresses Dante's longing to balance inner piety with outer temptation. Because the song is about temptation & its overcoming, I see Temperance as the angel who balances body with spirit & makes overcoming possible. In this point of the Tarot Journey, there is a night without a star here. One must find balance, or one will fall in the dark. There - I THINK that explains it! (This one was hardest to explain; conversely, it was also the hardest of all the keys to pick!)

15) "Flesh" by Avrigus

I'll just quote the last verse here:

"Take these hooks from my flesh,
The flesh of a sentient being.
This temple is reduced to ash,
By looking back & seeing thee in chains."

I'd say that's the power of the Devil in there, & the yearning for release from it!

16) "Qliphoth"

This is named for something in Demonology. It opens up with the sounds of doom & destruction; it is about the suffering of the souls of the damned cast out of Paradise.

17) "Aldebaran" by Enya

I love this track most of all for harmonizing with its key (I love the Cosmic keys all best for that!). Aldebaran is a star, & the song is starlight as music!

18) "Moon Meditiation & Prayer" by The Moors

This one is *moonlight* as music! (I have contemplated the moon to it in a deep trance... Wow!!)

19) "Pilgim's Way" by Maire Brennan

This is another one that needs explaining, I think. This one feels like sunlight cutting through mist; it's essentially a glimpse into Paradise, which is what I feel this card represents. It's the sun coming out after The Dark Night of the Soul. (The Light at the end of the Tunnel, etc...)

20) "It Is Accomplished" by Peter Gabriel

This one has just the right title! All the accomplishments of all your journey are judged at the end. It feels like a joyous conclusion to a journey in this music.

21) "Tempus Vernum/Diora Ar Mo Chroi"

"Tempus Vernum" is absolutely about the cosmos (my sister & I decided that the best word to describe this one is "ponderous"!), & "Dior Ar Mo Chroi" (which it slides into) is "Tears of my Heart", & somehow sounds like coming down out of the cosmos to experience an individual kind of mercy & fulfilment.

Hope this has been informative - sorry about the length of it!! ;)


Sounds good. I'm a Kate Bush, McKennitt & Gabriel fan, probably have the same CD's you do to some extent.

Just a note--You don't need to keep starting new threads if the theme is the same, this could stay with the other thread you had going on the music deck. It makes things easier to track down when people try to find previous posts they've done to you about it.



I'll do that from now on, then. I thought the explanations could be a new thread, but I guess I shoulda tacked it onto the old one - oh well!