AN OFFSHOOT thread of Strangest Places


you've ever read...OK, so REALLY interesting where so many of you have read!

SO WHAT deck do you always have with you? What's your sidekick deck that is usually in your car, your bag? And Why? Convenience because it's small or in a tin? Your favorite? One you think general audiences like?


For me, it's mostly my RWS (or, since I'm currently using that as a study deck, the Universal Waite). I usually have my Röhrig Tarot with me as well and have often taken that to parties. I usually have 4 to 6 other decks in my tote bag that I carry to work, but those change from time to time.


I used to keep my Universal Waite in my car, but I don't have it anymore. I did do some spur-of-the-moment readings with it for friends.


Two mentions for Uni Waite!

That is one I like as well. My Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative, just my fav, period, and it's one that is good for all people and places I think.

I like the Uni Waite because of the softness.

I only have one pocket deck now, that's the Morgan Greer in a tin. But while I would could use for most peeps, not all would respond equally well, with, say, the Lovers. Not that it is bad or anything, the MG, with it's brightness and a little more nudity, some prefer more than others.

So mostly, PCS Commemorative or Uni Waite (maybe the Aquarian).

Now, if it's around Samhain, the Bohemian Gothic (I have the first one, love it), THAT would likely be one I would carry around!


Pocket Rider Tarot. It's small and I wouldn't be devastated if it got lost, stolen, or damaged. Also hey, it's the deck everyone recognizes.


Good point, Lantana

that's why I like the PCS commemorative and the Uni Waite, recognizable and I COULD replace and also...just love to read with them, esp the PCS.

As far as pocket decks go, the only one I really could keep to read easily with to SEE it is the Morgan Greer because the images are BIGGER. I can lay down a card and easily make it out in a pocket MG.


My beautiful, battered soprafino. The 1880 one, sold by LoS, as the Ancient Italian.

This deck took water damage in the Everglades once and half of it was warped beyond use. I remembered a thread I had read on AT once and decided to stick the WHOLE deck in water so at least all the cards would have the same texture, and then I flattened them out...

And I love it. The first pic shows it next to my pristine back up copy.

It's a great travel deck because I'm not worried about ruining it, and honestly, short of an actual fire or paper shredder, I'm not sure it CAN be ruined. I've done readings with it during light rain, pool side, beach side, on grass, etc, etc. Plus, it's just my go to deck in general, so I read quickly with it.

Third pic of the world card at Cafe du Monde, because why not.


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Thanks for sharing, Bonebeach!

It is so lovely. I see why you cherish it :)


In my bag pretty much all the time are a Morgan Greer in a tin, and Deck of the Bastard in matching padded zipped pouch. Both very easy to read with and the tin and pouch are both good protection so I'm not so anxious about damage.


Nice choices, CharlotteK!

I agree, it's nice to have decks protected when they are travelling with you, to and fro!