There is a copper-edged pool in the shape of the symbol for the planet Venus. Copper is associated with Venus, whose nature was thought to be warm and moist, feminine and conducive to beauty, leisure and sensual pleasure.

Sitting on the edge of the pool, two lovers meet and drink together from goblets. There are open lotus blossoms floating throughout the pool. They suggest the blossoming of emotions. The couple sits with their legs in the water. This suggests that they are in touch with their feelings but aren't consumed by them, especially as juxtaposed against the flowing Nile behind them, which suggests unstable, illusory or wavering emotions.

The pool is associated with peace and tranquility. It can also indicate one's own feelings or emotions.

The couple makes eye contact with one another, suggesting various eye-related metaphors:
  • "to feast one's eyes upon" means to look at with admiration and longing
  • "making eyes at" means to flirt
  • "catching one's eye" means to drawn attention to
  • "seeing eye to eye" means being able to agree