The woman in blue dances, learning the arts of movement and music. Dance suggests rhythmic movement, joining in partnership with an individual or group and working together harmoniously. It may also suggest the need for harmony and cooperation. It can symbolize the need to watch one's step. Dancing is a representation of creative cosmic energy. It mimics the rhythm of the universe. Ritual dances were regarded as a means of making a connection between heaven and earth and were thus used to call forth rain and fertility. In this context, ritual dances become a means whereby man attempts to control (or at least direct or influence) his environment.

Music suggests an idea or experience that is in tune with oneself, one's environment or the universe. It represents the ability to coordinate one's energy into a specific direction or purpose and to cooperate with others. It can also suggest the material manifestation of spiritual insights or information.

Her tutor sits nearby beating a tambourine as she passes along the skills she has developed over many years. The teacher represents anyone or anything that aids in one's development. She's associated with an authority figure, one who gives advice or counsel or one who shows how something can be done. She suggests a lesson or experience and one who is critical or gives a test.