The full moon hangs low in the sky, shining across the Nile onto a woman who sits alone on the rocky banks of the river. The moon represents feelings, emotions, intuition or the unconscious.

Depending on whether the woman climbed the rocks to get to the top of the bank or if she intends to go swimming and therefore has to pass the rocks on her way into the river, the rocks could represent difficulties that have been overcome or that will need to be overcome or obstacles in one's path. The rocks could also represent being emotionally aloof and unable to change or open up. The rock brings to mind the rock that Sisyphus rolled up the hill only to have it fall back down at the last minute, symbolizing human wishes that are never conclusively satisfied.

She drinks from a red chalice. Two others are nearby while a fourth lies discarded amongst the rocks. Drinking symbolizes absorbing divine life and power. It could suggest that which one thirsts for. The saying "to drink in the experience" means to absorb and reflect upon an experience. The discarded cup is empty suggesting being emotionally drained.

Her nudity shows that she has nothing to hide and that she has no inhibitions.

A crab is nearby to the woman. The crab is associated with the sign Cancer, which itself is associated with the awakening fn the consciousness, a desire for seclusion and also for moodiness. The crab is associated with the unconscious. It suggests one who has a hard exterior and/or impenetrable emotions.

This card came up in a reading for me when I'd been out drinking (at a party at my favorite winery) the night before. Unlike RWS versions of this card, I can see alcoholism in this card. Four glasses of whatever she's drinking? It really looks like she needs that drink, and considering that's her second one, I can see that she might have a problem.