In this card, two people sit upon an ornately decorated chest. Their posture lacks a sense of intimacy, so he might be the architect (since blueprints are beside him) and she might be the owner of the completed dwelling in the background. If they are a couple, their union doesn't seem to be loving. She appears to be looking directly at the house while he appears to be looking just past her off into the distance. Either way, they don't appear to have done the work themselves, but instead to be the recipients of the effort.

The blueprint is a reference to plans, outlines or an overview of a new situation, experience, relationship or idea. It can also correspond to the ability to see the inner workings of something.

Above them is a canopy that is supported by four posts that are decorated with alternating bands of gold and silver and are topped by lotus flowers. The canopy represents royalty or sovereign power. Gold represents the sun and silver represents the moon. By alternating the colors along the four posts, the suggestion is of a blending of solar and lunar, day and night, conscious and unconscious, etc.

The house is often associated with the physical body, the personality or one's current situation or experience. It may represent the status of one's state of consciousness. It's also symbolic of what a person shows to the world.

The sense of joy and of celebration that's usually depicted on this card is missing. I get a sense of blase-ness about this scene.