Five armed warriors march along. Behind them is a mural that depicts past battles.

The warriors suggest a fight for what is right (or at least what is perceived to be right). They can represent determination and commitment. As soldiers, they are associated with duty. As part of an army, they correspond to order, power, discipline and relinquishing personal will. There's also a suggestion of subjugating oneself or one's needs to the greater goal or good.

The presence of the warriors suggests a war or battle. War can be a conflict with another or an internal conflict (needing to consciously deal with issues that are currently at the subconscious level). Usually when there's a war, there's hostility, aggression and oppression. War often has an aspect of retaliation for previous thoughts, words or actions. War can also suggest disintegration and disorder.

Marching could correspond to taking orders or following instructions. It could also suggest moving forward or making progress in an orderly manner.

Other things I see in the card are being part of the crowd, going with the flow, working as part of a group and having the support of others as you work toward a goal.