A noblewoman applies makeup to her face with the assistance of her servants. Makeup, cosmetics and perfumes are used to enhance, but are also used to conceal or change how a person looks or smells. They are tied into the image one shows to the world.

One servant holds up a mirror while the other one bears a tray that contains seven pots of pigments and perfumes. The mirror suggests that which reflects one's own image, experience or the situation at hand. It also suggests that which is imitation or illusory. It can represent both egotism and thinking only of oneself while also indicating the need for self-reflection and examination.

On the table before the woman, there appears to be a second mirror, a comb and some implement that I can't figure out. The comb is associated with getting one's ideas in order and the need to clear one's mind.

The face is associated with one's self-esteem and how one appears to others. The face can show one's qualities, faults, and thoughts. There are a number of metaphors concerning the face:
  • "to face the facts" is to deal with reality
  • "to face the music" is to deal with the consequences
  • "to face up to something" is to deal with or confess to one's involvement
  • "to fly in the face of something" is to ignore or disregard it
  • "to lose face" is to be humiliated

I got this card in one of my daily draws before I got the chance to do this study. None of the meanings listed in the companion book seemed applicable, so I then looked at the imagery. Although she's applying makeup, the noblewoman looks like she's pointing to her eye, which to me suggested the need to see things clearly.

Barrett gives the title "Debauchery" for this card, but I don't see it.