A woman looks over a wheat field that didn't produce. The field is associated with one's place of harvest, duty or mission. In this case it represents failure, lack of options, neglect, hunger and forthcoming hardships.

Wheat represents the cycle of birth and death. Growing wheat was a symbol of Osiris rising from the dead - the lack of wheat suggests a resurrection or rebirth that isn't going to happen. The lack of wheat also represents infertility and dearth. It also suggests that it's not time to harvest what has been sown, although it is time to dip into the stores of grain that were set aside in the 4 Disks.

The earth is parched. Its surface is cracked and the plants have all wilted and died. The aridness of the earth suggests an emotional desert.

The woman holds two plates while the other five lay on the ground. The fact that she showed up with seven plates to harvest wheat from a field that looks like this suggests that either she hadn't been paying attention to the field during the growing season (a lack of due diligence) or that she was sent to harvest a field that someone else had neglected (being faced with the consequences of someone else not doing their job).