Seven men wait outside a doorway, their swords ready. The man on the far left seems to be less than totally committed to the plan. While all of the men are touched by the reflected light from the doorway, the kneeling man on the far right of the card is the only one who interferes with that light (his left foot causes a break in the light). The same kneeling man is the only one to be touched by one of his comrades - I get the impression that by being directly touched by the light (instead of just experiencing the reflected light), the kneeling man's resolve might be faltering and his comrade's hand on his shoulder is meant to say something like "stay the course" or "be strong."

The light from inside is strong enough to cast a reflective glow over the men and emanate quite a ways past the doorway. Light provides illumination. "To bring into the light" is to subject to scrutiny and "to light into" is to attack.

The men gather in the moonlit darkness outside. Darkness represents the failure to recognize, spiritual dullness, misfortune, mystery, chaos and the unknown. "To be in the dark" is to be without wisdom, knowledge or insight or to be kept unaware. "To darken one's doorstep" is to visit without welcome.

Barrett assigns the keyword "Futility" to this card. Whether that futility is of the person(s) inside if they step outside or of the seven men outside is purposely ambiguous. Depending on the surrounding cards, I could even see the seven men being inside and that light emanating from outside. So instead of being attackers, they're actually defenders.