Overturned cups and chalices litter a sandy beach as the wine they contained is spilled on the ground. The beach suggests the edge of consciousness between emotions or spirit and the physical world.

Wine is generally associated with the spirit. Spilled on the ground, wine could indicate the end of a celebration. Wine can also represent revelation or truth, which in this card has been discarded and/or not fully taken into oneself. Wine is solar and water is lunar. Here they appear to be mixing at the edge of the beach, suggesting the blending of the divine and the human natures. Poured onto the ground, wine is a libation to underworld deities. It could also replace blood sacrifices for the dead.

Live fish gasp for breath on the beach. Fish were eaten by the common people in Egypt, but were forbidden to ordained priests and to kings. The two fish on the shore are unable to partake of the waters of life and suffer appropriately. There are a number of metaphors related to fish:
  • "like a fish out of water" means to be out of one's element or area of expertise
  • "other fish in the sea" suggests additional choices (especially in relationships)
  • "having other fish to fry" is to have additional and more important matters to attend to
  • "something is fishy" means that something isn't quite right
  • "fishing for something" means looking for it

As it nears the horizon, a ship is silhouetted against the light of the setting sun. The horizon represents that which is unknown. It can also represent the next phase of something. The sunset represents the closing of a period in one's life, the end of an experience or the end of a relationship.

The ship is the symbol of journey, adventure and exploration. It also represents crossing from one realm to another (life to death or vice versa). Some metaphors concerning ships or boats are:
  • "being in the same boat" means to be in the same situation
  • "missing the boat" is to not take advantage of an opportunity
  • "waiting for one's ship to come in" means to wait for good fortune

Barrett assigns the title Indolence to this card. In terms of being idle, inactive or lazy, I don't see that association with this imagery. I also don't see it in the sense of being benign, slow to heal or painless.