A chalice made of blue-green glass and trimmed in gold at its base and rim is suspended beneath the moving waters of the Nile. Water symbolizes the abundance of possibilities. It's a universal symbol for fertility, life, birth, growth and emotions. It symbolizes the feminine and the powers of the unconscious. It is also the embodiment of spirituality or spiritual wisdom.

Immersion in water symbolizes the return to a primordial state of purity and death of the old and rebirth into new. (Baptism is one example of this process as sins are washed away and one becomes reborn.) It also represents the immersion of the soul in the manifest world. Diving into the water is to search for the secret of life.

As moving water, waves represent vicissitude, change, illusion, vanity and agitation. It was believed that moving water had the ability to wash away evil spells. Waves are associated with periods of intense or swelling emotions or feelings and may also suggest that which is unstable or wavering.

The goblet portion of the glass is in the form of a lotus flower whose petals are inscribed with the names of Isis and Osiris. The lotus opens are sunrise and closes are sunset, thereby symbolizing creation, renewal and immortality. It's also a symbol of spiritual unfolding as it starts with its roots in the slime but flowers in the sun and the light of heaven. When associated with Isis, the lotus represents the ability to produce offspring while at the same time representing purity and virginity. The lotus can suggest something about to blossom or rising above evil influences.

The names of Isis and Osiris being inscribed into the cup suggests them as a couple, their union and their story. (See High Priestess, Hierophant, Hanged Man, Star and Judgement for more details.)

The Nile god Hapi is depicted on the cup. Both the papyrus (symbol of the lower Nile) and the lotus (symbol of the upper Nile) were associated with him. The combination of papyrus and lotus symbolized the joining of the two parts of Egypt.