A disk cut from black granite is suspended against a rocky background. Granite is a hard, tough stone. It was used in the construction of some of the great pyramids. Granite has a lasting and enduring quality.

Rock is a symbol of solidity and steadfastness. It represents permanence, stability, reliability, durability and that which is unchanging. It symbolizes materiality and that which is of the earth.

In the center of the disk is a green ankh. Green is associated with growth, development and vitality. It also represents money or prosperity.

The ankh is a symbol of life. It is formed from the symbols representing Osiris and Isis. It also symbolizes immortality.

Below the ankh is the symbol for earth. The earth represents the womb, from which all life is created. It is associated with the Great Mother. "To come back down to earth" is to be sensible or practical, "to move heaven and earth" is to make every effort to make something happen, and "to be down to earth" is to be practical.

The combined symbolism of the ankh and the earth suggests that life and growth are both constant and eternal.

On either side of the ankh are representations of Isis and Osiris.