A sword is suspended point up amongst the clouds in the sky. The sword is a symbol of power, protection, authority, leadership, justice, courage, strength and vigilance. It's a phallic symbol. It can also represent the ability to differentiate, the penetrating power of the intellect and that which is sacred. As a sharp cutting instrument, the sword is a symbol of decision making, of separation into good and evil and of justice.

The sky is associated with higher thought or spirituality. "Out of the clear blue sky" means to happen unexpectedly while "the sky is the limit" means that anything is possible.

The god Shu is depicted on the handle. He holds up the hieroglyphic symbol representing the word "sky". Shu was the god of the sky, the air and of light. He held his daughter Nut high above his son Geb, separating the heavens from the earth.

The feather that is embossed on the blade of the knife is Shu's emblem. It's the same ostrich feather that represents Ma'at as truth and justice.

Barrett says in the companion book that the pommel of the sword is decorated with the Deshret crown of Lower Egypt. I don't see that. I see what could be a head covering of some sort, but it's topped by twin ostrich feathers.