A golden wand is topped by a winged solar disk that has three distinct bands of color - orange red, blue-white and green. The wand suggests untapped and limitless potential. It's also a symbol of power.

The solar disk is surrounded by a gold ring from which two Uraeae emerge. The Uraeus was the sacred emblem of the solar deities and is also a symbol of protection. It was a representation of the goddess Wadjet. Coiled around the sun disk that represents Ra, she highlighted Ra's powers of destruction. Both the winged solar disk and the Uraeus were seen as symbols of power and authority.

There is a wall of roaring flames behind the wand. Fire is considered to be sacred, purifying and renewing. Fire's power to destroy suggests the ability to be reborn at a higher level. Fire is associated with the sun and was thought to come from heaven. It symbolizes the change or passage from one state to another. Fire can also represent truth and knowledge, both of which consume lies, ignorance, illusion and death. Truth and knowledge can also burn the impure. Fire can also suggest a burning issue.

Although surrounded by fire, the wand is neither consumed or affected by it. This suggests to me that the wand is in control of the fire instead of being at the mercy of it.