The Prince stands in his chariot, which is currently at rest, his horses waiting to move into action. He appears to not be in any rush to go anywhere since he isn't even holding the horses' reins. While reins normally indicate a need to slow down or the need to restrain either oneself or someone else, in this case, they indicate more of a need to kick start something into action. "To be given free rein" is to have total freedom and "to keep a rein on the situation" is to keep some control over it.

The ribbons hanging from the Prince's belt blow in the breeze; consequently, any card(s) to the left of the Prince could be thought of as needing some focus or attention applied to them.

He holds a brown staff topped by a golden disk topped by an ankh. (I believe I've seen this symbolism before, but can't remember where.) In his other hand he supports a golden disk against the rail of his chariot. The disk contains an image of Shu holding up Nuit to keep her away from Geb. This is an indication of the elemental discord between earth and air.

A bull stands on a nearby mound. The bull is associated with financial strength. Something that's "bull" is nonsense, "to take the bull by the horns" is to handle a situation and "to be like a bull in a china shop" is to create disorder and chaos. It also suggests the Apis bull (see the Hierophant).