A Princess walks along the edge of the waters in a vast cavern, which is a form of cave. The cave is something hollow or without substance. It may indicate the primitive part of the self or the subconscious. It's the place of union of the self and the ego and the meeting place of the divine and the human. It's a place of both death (the darkness) and birth (the womb). Initiation ceremonies often took place in caves to symbolize the death that occurred before the rebirth and illumination brought about by the initiation. As a place of initiation, the cave was usually a secret place whose entrance was hidden from the profane by a labyrinth or dangerous passage. Passing through the cave represents a change of state. Egyptians believed that the life-giving waters of the Nile originated in a cave.

She holds a chalice in one hand and a white lotus in the other. The chalice represents the unconscious while the white lotus represents illumination. The Princess is the path from the unconscious to enlightenment.

A dolphin leaps from the waters behind her. The dolphin is an attribute of Isis. It can be associated with great spiritual wisdom or insight. It can also correspond to the unconscious mind.

Seashells lie amongst the pebbles at her feet. They represent the inner self or inner thoughts. They can also represent the environment one crawls into for personal protection or safety. They suggest potential ideas or truths. They also represent the outer covering or personality that one shows to the world.

A white swan stands before the Princess. The swan symbolizes peace, tranquility or serenity. It can be associated with any personal transformation or realization of selfhood. It can also symbolize the soul. The swan is solar and can signify solitude or retreat. Its whiteness symbolizes sincerity.


Dancing Bear

This card is my card for today 20th June 09
And i was wondering why on earthwould this card come up for the day i have just had.. as it was far from a peacful tranquil day.. this is how i see this card..the swan is grace to me.. flowing through the wolrd of the consciousness with ease and allowing it to flow is the grace to walk through the world of spirit as well,allowing both to walk freely together, connecting to both simutaneously.. water to me speaks of spirituality and the spirit world. to me this card speaks as if she has friend in both realms, easily walking with both without a blink of an eye, its coming naturally to her. the lotus is a symbol not only of purity but of protection. (protection) because my guide showed me if i open a lotus flower upon my head and allowed it to flow over me like a water fall of pure white petals that was my protection. Dolphins are of breathe. the manna, they speak of the beginings of time.Innocence. they also remind me to stop and breath, letting out old stale air. allowing myself to fill up with the new fresh air.the shells to me are a reminder she is not walking on water but like the star one foot in and the out .. I wish upon a star..

I wished my day was like this completely and utterly today , but it was an unrealistic wish LOL!
But again with these cards they speak of what is happening to me on the inside rather than externally..
I was trying to connect and study a bit of celtic Mythology BC, in one hand, and the other having three little ones to look after.

I am going through changes in a big big way spiritually.. must be those birth and death and rebirth changes you speak of that goes with the symbolism of the caves rodney..
because this card really wasnt what had happpend nor was it my state of mind. But it is what i am going through spiritually and what i am wishing for, It is what i know am going through and longing for. I am wanting to be at that rebirth stage LOL!

Dancing Bear

Upon thinking about this one a little bit more maybe she was physically what was happening to me today..
I was well and truly stuck in the physical and trying to get lost in my studies..
one foot in and one foot out of the waters.. Maybe! gonna have to think a little more on this one.