The Princess stands upon a wind-swept rocky pinnacle, her sword inverted towards the earth. Wind is a symbol of transitoriness, inconstancy and nothingness. Winds are the messengers of the gods. Wind also represents the flow of thoughts.

Rock symbolizes that which is stable, unchanging and eternal. The pinnacle is a sturdy foundation.

The inverted sword symbolizes material thoughts.

Beside her is an altar from which offerings of incense rise to the gods. The altar represents the offering of self or selflessness. It also represents the place where the lower self becomes subservient to the higher self. It can also represent purification.

Incense was used in ancestor worship. The rising smoke represents the soul's ascent to heaven. Incense is a symbol of purification and is the "perfume of virtue" and the "fragrance of a pure life." The scent is supposed to drive away evil influences and spirits.

Leaning against the base of the altar is a statue of the god Bes. Bes was a dwarfish and hideous deity whose ugliness wards off evil. He's generally present at births, providing a protective influence. He was also thought to be a benevolent household god. I'm not understanding the connection between Bes and the Princess unless he's related to the incense as something that wards off evil.

Behind the Princess, clouds gather in warning of an oncoming storm. The impending storm suggests challenges or difficulties to come, impending mental or emotional turbulence or environmental upheaval.