The Queen sits on a rock, dipping her feet below the surface of the water. The rock symbolizes solidity, steadfastness, permanence, stability, rigidity, coldness and hardness. It can stand for emotional aloofness. A situation that is "on the rocks" is one that is in great trouble.

Having her feet in the water suggests that the Queen is connected with her emotions (unlike the Knight and the King), but she isn't overcome by them.

Waves crash and tumble behind her, while the waters near her are still and calm. Waves are associated with periods of intense or swelling emotions and can correspond to the ups and downs of emotions or feelings. They also suggest that which is unstable or wavering. Waves can represent change, illusion and agitation.

The calm waters around the Queen reflect her peacefulness and serenity. She is unaffected by the externally generated turmoil represented by the waves behind her.

A crayfish emerges from the water and climbs up the rock toward the Queen. The crayfish represents the unconscious mind. As it's moving towards the Queen, the suggestion is that something that is currently unconscious or subconscious will become conscious.

She holds a lotus flower in one hand that she cradles upon the back of an ibis. The ibis suggests perseverance and plumbing the depths of wisdom.

The lotus represents gradual and personal enlightenment. Its juxtaposition with the ibis suggests enlightenment that brings wisdom.

She uses the other hand to cradle a chalice in her lap. The act of cradling suggests that the chalice (and its contents) are something that she cares for and nurtures.