The Queen sits upon her gold and ebony throne, which is set upon a firm rock in the midst of vegetation. The gold and ebony throne suggests spiritual truth or insights of tremendous value (gold) surrounded by that which is mysterious or feminine (black).

Her gold disk is decorated with an ankh surrounded by the hieroglyphs for water and earth. Her wand rests upon the arm of her throne. Gold spirals up the shaft of the wand, which is tipped with a crystal. Crystal is associated with clarity, purity and the higher energies. It may indicate spiritual insight or vision. Crystals serve as aids to meditation and concentration. Since they refract and reflect light, they can stimulate the imagination of receptive individuals and induce visions. "To see things crystal clear" is to have perfect insight into them.

On her head she wears a gold band that bears the heads of horned beasts. Horns are associated with stubbornness, aggression or sexuality. They are a symbol of strength in both the physical and spiritual senses. Horned animals are often considered to be fertility symbols, and the horns themselves are phallic symbols. The headdress of horns represents the double power of the head and the soul or life principle that also arises from the head. "To blow one's own horn" is to be egotistical and "to be horny" is to be oversexed.

Her sacred cat reclines under the throne. Cats are associated with being independent and self-sufficient. They represent intuition and the subconscious The cat brings to mind the goddess Bast (see the Empress and Strength).

A male goat stands next to her throne. The goat represents vitality and creative energy, virility and also unbridled lust. The goat is associated with stubbornness. "To get someone's goat" is to irritate them, "an old goat" is a horny old man and a "scapegoat" is someone who is forced to take the blame for others.