The Queen sits upon her throne amid a flaming sea. She wears a red dress, the color of which gives confidence and courage and also represents career and goals, power and willpower.

Her headband supports a solar disk, while her earrings are also solar disks. These disks represent the positive associations of the sun - illumination, warmth, knowledge, etc.

In her right hand she holds a green Waas scepter. Green (also seen as accents on both her dress and throne) represents a balance of energy, peaceful thoughts, vitality and success.

With her left hand, she caresses the head of a leopard. The leopard is a symbol of cruelty, ferocity and aggression. It also symbolizes fearlessness. The suggestion is that the Queen has tamed the leopard's negative traits within herself while absorbing its fearlessness.

The front legs of her throne are capped with lion's heads, which are another symbol of protection. The lion is also associated with courage, power, vitality and energy.

The flames that surround her are reflected in the pool of water at her feet. As was seen in the Prince, the Queen and leopard are surrounded by the flames, but aren't being burnt by them. While the Prince was in a chariot which could provide quick escape if he so desired, the Queen's throne is stationery, implying that neither she nor it is going anywhere anytime soon. Her immersion in the flames could be seen as a search for truth.

Steam rises from the interaction of fire and water. Steam is associated with the release of pent-up aggressive emotions and words.