ANCIENT EGYPTIAN TAROT - other associations


I decided to start a new thread on this. There is much to discuss I think.

From the back of the book :)

0 Aleph Ox Air

1 Beth House Mercury

2 Gimel Camel Moon

3 Daleth Door Venus

4 He Window Aries

5 Vau Nail Taurus

6 Zain Sword Gemini

7 Cheth Fence Cancer

8 Teth Serpent Leo

9 Yod Hand Virgo

10 Kaph Palm Jupiter

11 Lamed Ox goad Libra

12 Mem Water Water

13 Nun Fish Scorpio

14 Samekh Prop Sagittarius

15 A'ain Eye Capricorn

16 Pe Mouth Mars

17 Tzadi Fish hook Aquarius

18 Qoph Back of head Pisces

19 Resh head Sun

20 Shin Tooth Fire

21 Tau Tau cross Saturn

I have found many of the associations but not always both and in some cases neither but someone with more knowledge may see the connections that I am missing.

I will post my findings later but feel free to post yours in the meantime.