ANCIENT EGYPTIAN TAROT - Studying Clive Barrett's version


A few people from time to time have spoken about their interest in a study group for Clive Barrett’s Ancient Egyptian Tarot but we have never got anything off the ground.

I thought I might kick it off by posting this thread and suggesting we get going. There is a long tradition of Egyptian Tarot decks and some of you might be interested in reading through this link And this link: is an on-line dictionary of Egyptian mythology which is useful from time to time.

Nowhere on the net could I find a complete set of scans for this deck so I have photographed all of the major arcana and we can perhaps use those to illustrate our discussions.

I suggest it might be good to begin with the major arcana. Have all of you got the companion book to the deck? It is almost essential reading.

I have found this deck to be incredibly accurate – more so than any other Tarot. I have often wondered why this is so. I have a particular interest in Isis and in Egyptian mythology, although far from expert on both.

I might leave this first post here today and see what reaction it draws and then do a search for the last two threads about the possibility of a study group and PM all those people who said they were interested.

Some of you might have wonderful ideas about how a study group could be conducted. It could be through a study of each of the cards. The Isis –Osiris myth runs through the Ancient Egyptian so it would be interesting perhaps to speak about this and other stories related to it. Clive Barrett uses elements and astrological signs as well and these also could be part of the discussions around meaning.

Not only could we discuss the iconography of each card but also individual experiences of interpretation. You might have many more ideas.

So hopefully people will flock to the call :)



0 Fool

II High Priestess

III Empress

V Hierophant

VI Lovers

VII Chariot

VIII Strength

IX Hermit

XII Hanged Man

XIII Death

XVI Tower




Baaaa Baaaa (I am flocking to the call) Thank you Moongold I would love to part of a study group.~Rosanne


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It is a nice looking one. I will be around.


I am game...

This is my absolute favorite and I would LOVE to see/participate in this study.


I love this deck, you will see me around as well.


How to begin?

Well, we have a good group to start with.

Do people have any particualar ideas about what they would like to do in the Study Group and how they would like to begin?

The first eight cards of the major arcana introduce the introduce the major Gods and we could explore these in some detail as the themes recur throughout the deck.

The cards from 9 to 21 tell the story of the death and resurrection of Osiris.

To kick us off can I suggest that we commence with a study of the Majors and card O The Fool ? I would be happy to begin this to get us going and we can see how it pans out. There is a wealth of discussion in each card - so much mythology, history and iconography. As well there are the complementary systems which Barrett uses - astrology, the elements and the Cabbala.

A possibility is that each of us take reponsibilty for doing one of the first eight cards in detail and each can comment and add to the discussion for each card. There is nothing to stop us all beginning at once, together.

I think there is value in doing these cards in some kind of order because of the themes runing through them, and the first 8 cards form a natural group.

It should be a great deal of fun.

We would have a thread for each card and we could also have a thread for other resources such internet links to pages that are relevant. And also an index.

I am happy to take the administrative responsibilities if no-one else wants them.

Now these are just suggestions. If you have other suggestions or ideas it would be great to hear them.

So (being very assertive here :laugh: . I will begin with 0 Fool. If each of you want to take one of the first eight cards wch one do you want? Stake your claim here!

I suggest we head each thread as follows:


to make theme easy to identify.

If this sounds OK, perhaps just make a post to this thread saying which of the first eight you would like to do. Or any other comments :)

Blessings ~



I randomly chose VII from my deck, so I will do the Chariot.

Your ideas sound great to me Moongold, lets go with it.