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that's a wonderful idea--six facets of a concept blended into one card. you wouldn't need bother with reversals; just read what's facing up. i prefer the second division. triangular images don't allow much room. the truncation would give more stretch, and one could put an appropriate mandala at the center of each card...

sounds like a great deck. maybe later.

thinking about camels




in thinking of all your knowledge in gemetria, kabbalah, and such.

what i would suggest is this,,

write down all the advanced stuff in the book , and say at the beginning this book is for the advanced scholar, and the deck is desigined to be used inuitively.

while studying this book will help you understand all the symbols and the systems that go with it, the images are desigined to speak directly to your soul and let your superconcious and subcosnious merge into one, your conscious therefore elevating it to new hieghts.

mediating on these cards while having no basis in the moderen world, can help you to grow in understanding thyself as they spead to your dreams ,, and the dream of your ancestors which exist in the dna of your body.

and oops i went a bit far but that is what i got :O)

Major Tom

Ravenswing said:
hi all--

if i don't know that the chariot is the chariot, i shouldn't be using a tarot deck.

I love the idea of the majors un-numbered and your justification. })

I couldn't help but notice the file name had a 1 in it. ;)

I'm in awe of the hex shape. Wow! Absolutely inspired - sort of defines the angles you'd read in a round deck.

Your pencil designs are beautiful. Ravenswing and Laurel make a good team. :)

What are your plans for the deck? Do you plan to market it? })


Me like

Ravenswing & Laurel I think your card is different for sure!

I don't even think you will need to go to the publishers as they will come to you. Apart from publishing this looks like a good fun project to work on.

+ the cards are more easier to shuffle than round cards.

I can't wait to see more cards!!!



Very nice!

If you want to have it published, don't wait for publishers to come to you, publishers are far too lazy to do a thing like that. Start contacting them now. :) I think it's a very good idea and could take off.



i'm very intrigued



hi all--

i want to thank you all : ) for the encouragement. putting together 78 images is something that i'll need to keep the momentum going with. your positive energies will become an integral part of the deck.

yes, i guess we plan to market it, but first i want to finish it :) . we're going to work on a book to accompany it-- some of the symbology may be a bit obscure. i'm not going to go searching 'til it's done. i don't want any time/space constriction on creativity.

to the major--

my scanner numbers scans automaticallyso you can have varients under the same name. just a coincidence (??) })

back to the drawing board


I think you'll also run into the problem of having artwork and art style change as you progress: You'll start in on The Two of Wands, and look back at The Magician, realizing that your standards have risen as your vision has become sharper, and you're suddenly faced with the need to change and rework older cards.

Know going in that your first effort won't necessarily be your last.

Momentum is the key to actually getting a deck finished. Just keep on, doing a little bit each day. Always advance, even if advancing means junking something you'd previously considered finished.

I love the deck concept: the Gem-like shape is a lovely idea. I'm impressed the most, though, with the depth of thinking behind the symbology. It should be a wonderful deck, and I want one!




yes, i've had that problem before. the last card is almost two years away-- much time for growth. i think the idea is to spiral along; a feedback system of sorts.

of course, the optimum would be to first go for all the symbology etc, before creating an image. then do rough sketches of the entire deck. then look them over again. then, and this is the hardest, stop learning while producing the deck...

there's already a few things i could add to the magician. but i'm not going to touch it for the moment. my art style is pretty set-- i've been at it for 30-some years. i think i've found my niche-- and not a rut. things i've done fifteen or twenty years ago are obviously mine-- the handling gets finer as time goes on.

but, on with the show


New Deck Concept

WOW!!! Awesome!!!

I've added it to my wish list. One card - that's all it took.