Animal lovers, a question


I've heard somewhere that animals esp cats can sometimes sense spirits. Do you think that this is true of all animals and in particular pets such as dogs and any other furry friends. I love animals especially more so in the zoo behind a fence and on tv magazines, you get my drift lol. Seriously though i love the beauty and the bit of their nature that i get from looking the them and when i sense and admire the power of Nature in them. Anyway i digress. So dogs for instance can they sense a spirit or someone with a spirit be it that persons guide or other unknown presence following them. For those of you with pets or working with animals what's your observation about this and how do these animals react to the presence of another spirit in the vicinity.

Laura Borealis

If a human can sense a spirit, I believe other animals can. Indeed, non-human animals are said to be more sensitive. Often, people who tell stories of sensing a ghost or spirit substantiate it by saying "my dog saw it too."


I personally think my dogs and cats can sense spirits much better than I can. My old grey Siamese used to stare at things I knew she could see, was actually seeing, that I could not.


They are more in tune .

There are also a few accounts of Panda's ,dogs, birds, etc knowing before hand when an earthquake is about to happen.

My understandings is that we all possess the same consciousness, or it comes from the same source of supply.
As each level of being develops another talent is included .
With humans those new talents tend to muffle the finer tuned ones because of a reliance on the better talent.
Survival becomes hinged on that extra talent.
Colour talent is just one example that I'm aware of between some birds , and perhaps dogs.


My last dog--a golden retriever--could definitely sense spirit. It helped that we lived in a certifiably haunted house complete with footfalls and lights that went on by themselves sometimes. That dog could always sense when spirit was about to enter through the front door...he would bolt to the entryway and alert (bark or snort--then listen--and repeat.) Only then could the human element in the house begin to hear the definite footsteps trudging up the front steps and over the [closed-door] threshhold.

Yes, our dog sensed spirit. No question about it.


Our cat seems pretty switched on and our youngest dog in particular but sometimes they pick up things which I can't see and I get all excited that there is something or someone there only to find that the pup is barking at her reflection in the dining room window!!!


Oh yes, without a doubt! I've experienced it with both dogs and cats.

One of my cats (I have three) reacts more strongly than the other two, but she is very sensitive - very much like me, actually :D

Often (mostly ;) ) she senses the presence of spirits before I do - and she just sits and watches them. She can keep doing that for quite some time.


I think both dogs and cats are more attuned to these things than we are.

Briar Rose

I feel it's all vibration. And animals are great at sensing that.

At the end of my past life regression session, the hypnotherapist brought me inot the life between lives, where she had me spend time with my beloved soulmate Blacki, where I saw her in spirit (a beautiful bluish-purple sphere). I wish I could go there with Blacki- all the time. I am told a part of my soul is.


I have no doubt that my animals sense spirits. I have seen my one golden pick up a toy an run down the hall or into the kitchen, wiggling and wagging, asking someone to play with her when nobody was there. And I had to move their food when we first moved here because none of the animals would enter a certain part of the house (until I had it cleared - very nasy thing in one particular room). My one poor baby lost some weight before I realized she wasn't eating. And of course they run to bark at the front door when there is nobody there (over and over again). I think something is playing with them sometimes.