Anna K Lenormand


I wanted to start a thread here to share new pix as they come in. I know there is a thread in Lenormand decks, but as it's still in the creation stage, wanted to add here. I love Anna's artwork and hope this will be out Fall/Winter of this year.


Do you know the size of the cards? And are the images to see on her website the whole images or parts of them? Looks very interesting, maybe I'll get a copy. :)


News from Anna. K

Here's part of an em I got from Anna this morning.

If you wish you can let people in the deck creation thread know that there's only four cards left now: Anchor, Ring, Heart, and Whip, I might finish before July is over. But it is very likely still going to be the end of August before I can start going public with them because it looks like I'll be away on holiday for the most part of August.

As soon as I get ANYTHING else, I will definitely share it. I am just as anxious, if not more so, than everyone else to see all these cards!

I hope we will be able to purchase them before the end of the year. Finishing them and having them printed and ready to send are two different things, so I think it will be at least October, if not later, before they can be ready. But now you know what I know, right from Anna. K.


Only four cards remaining? That is exciting news!
Even if it does take until October, it'll be worth waiting for. I hope she knows that we're all rooting for her and looking forward to her project (and enjoying her previous creation)!


I keep her posted, Glennmaicha :) and she has an AT account so she can come in from time to time. As soon as she's ready, I'm sure she'll add the rest and I will post when I get any other ems.


OMG!!! The Anna K tarot is one of my faves. It will be so cool to have a lennie from her too.


I know it's a ways a way yet, Baylys. Even though she is almost finished with the cards, she has other obligations and it still must be printed. I would be surprised if it was available to buy before September or October at the earliest.


Was in touch with Anna. K

While she should be finished with the cards about the end of summer, she still has the lwb to do and I believe she will be self-publishing. That is her plan right now anyway.

She hopes to have all done and published by end of the year, but that will depend partly on the schedule of her printers.

Just doing this update for those interested in this deck. When she is finished with all the cards, she said she would be showing them, so hopefully by late summer or fall, we will get to see the deck, if not have it. :)


Got an update from Anna. K today

Here is part of her em to me (and I see she DID add a couple new snippets to look at!):

If you wish you can let people know (you could even copy and paste the following) that:

I've been stuck with the last three cards for almost two months now: Heart, Whip, and Ring. I just can't put anything worthwhile on paper. NOTHING. EMPTY HEAD! It is soooo frustrating! Because I could (and would!) have completed the deck weeks ago if I didn't have this block.

And I just have no idea at all when I'll get out of it. I really don't, it was very inexpected that it happened at all because everything was going rather smoothly before.

But I SWEAR I'm not lazy, honestly, I'm doing my best. And I will starting posting pictures as soon as I've finished all cards - I just cannot say when this will be. I'm just too nervous about people's reactions to start posting images BEFORE all cards are finished because if I do and there's even one tiny negative reaction the blockage would just become even firmer. But the cards I already have, I'm very excited about them. The deck is going to be beautiful - if a bit different than the tarot deck. Different especially because of course there will very few human figures in it but also because I'm playing round with perspectives and point of view a bit more than I did with my tarot deck. For example, all you see with the bouquet is the flowers being held out directly at you, the viewer, and only just visible behind the brightly coloured flowers is the lower part of the face of the person holding out the bouquet, she has a mouth that is smiling widely.


Anna. K got in touch with me

Here is an excerpt from an email I just got from Anna. K regarding what is going on and her Lenormand deck. Her first paragraph was just about things she's doing aside from the deck:

And other stuff going on, too ... Mostly good, like I said, but all of it is eating away at my creative power; to be creative I seem to need a lot of "safe space" and at the moment there's very little of that, everything seems to be moving, shifting.... I'm still sooo stuck with the last two cards, Whip and Heart.

I have been thinking whether it would be a good idea to start posting images and texts on my Lenormand website, weekly or every other week, even though I'm not finished yet. People might like that; and also, if they make positive comments, this might help me get over my block. I just fear negative comments as those would make painting the last two cards even more difficult. I'm really over sensitive, I'm embarrassed about that.

Something else that I would LOVE to discuss is: I would love to do a few extra cards. New, extra cards that represent issues many people miss in the standard 36 Lenormand cards. This is something that could be discussed on Aeclectic - and if I like an idea I could adopt it and add it to my deck as an extra card!

So, this is the LATEST I have from Anna, which was in my email this morning. As I get anything else, I will add it, but like Anna says here, if you wish to add anything else about your thoughts, please do! She isn't in AT all the time, but I will make sure to let her know there are updates.