Anna K Lenormand


Do we know how these will be released? Mass production? Limited through seller?


HI E.A.!

As far as I know, and this is from Anna as of now, SHE will have printed as she did her first two Anna. K tarot decks. That thrills me because Anna is a perfectionist and I am sure the Lenormand will be no exception.

There is no real date yet, but I will post if I HEAR ANYTHING. BUT at the rate she is going, there aren't really that many cards left, I AM PERSONALLY hoping for early 2017. Could it be earlier or later? Sure, as I know she has to have printed, proof, etc., but I am hoping for that!

If I hear, you will hear :).



You know, it reminds me of when we were on our cruise in the Mediterranean, as some of the towns we came into port in--were built up just like the picture in the moon. It could EASILY be one of these places with a full moon coming from behind! Just gorgeous!!! Oh, its getting harder and harder to wait for the deck to be available!!!


I agree, Celticnoodle

I ABSOLUTELY love this Moon card. I think it's magical. I love how it radiates :).

We're getting closer and closer....but it can't be too soon for me to get my hands on this deck.

ana luisa

All of a sudden, I got worried. Is Anna going to add borders ????!!!!! :bugeyed: I REALLY hope she doesn't because there is a tremendous impact of these images and a frame would kill it !!! Please keep them as they are!



"Concerning frames, I will keep my cards as you can see them on my website now - including the borders they already have. It's definite I won't add anything else on top of them, but they will stay.

Their colours, as well as the places where the images expand into them, and which parts of the images are doing it, are all additional clues to the meaning of the card. Also, for me borders in general are visual reminders that every card has a specific, finite range of meanings.

Borders say: everything within this border is what is meant. Everything without is NOT part of the meaning."


This deck is going to be amazing✨🌟🌞🌛


I can't wait!

I know it will be one of my favs!