Anna K Lenormand



Well put! :)

Last I heard, it should be available in 2016, but just when isn't known quite yet. I will update as I hear. I believe it will be self- published, at least that's what I heard thus far. Like many, I'm excited about this deck!


Beautiful art. Really lovely :)

I've been watching this thread from the beginning. I only have one Lenormand deck and am not a reader (occasional dabblings lol) but this has my imagination working overtime.



Does she have a name for the deck yet or will it be called Anna. K lenormand?

They are gorgeous. I wouldn't be shocked if I bought them myself. These I can see myself definitely buying.

Adding this to my wish list on my profile. Hard to lose a profile unlike a piece of paper lol


Last I heard, it will be called the Anna. K Lenormand

I love it so far,CosmicBeing. It's one of the only decks on my wish list.


that's a lovely mountain card!


I can't wait for the next card!

It's like unwrapping presents :).


sorry - double post