ANNOUNCEMENT: Alternative sites cheating you out of your money


Greetings dear friends.
My intention with this thread is not to warn people against *all* sites at the Net trying to earn money on selling charts, readings etc. My intention is to show you which ones are fake, so that the real ones can go on and prosper. I hope all of you who has discovered similar things, would post here.

* Astrodiens:
I tried out the free personality-reading, and got my chart designed. I was really satisfied with this site, and considered buying more. Luckily, I didn't. When my aunt was visiting, she also wanted hers done. I clicked in to Astrodiens, typed in her data, and voilá: Her personality-explanation was exactly like mine. Exactly. My mum felt really sorry for me, 'cause the disappointment was written all over me!

* The Online Psychic:
These ones are clever. You get this free psychic-check, and when I took it the first time, I was quite impressed. However, the sceptic in me kept popping up... You are allowed two tries, so I took the test again. Same result ... wow they are good! Then suddenly, you can't do it again. Like a magician's afraid that someone will see through his illusions, they only do the trick once or twice. However, I accessed the page from another browser (clever me... :D ), and took the test once more, and finally disclosed it. Follow the link at the top, and click on the'abolutely free'-ad with the purple eyes. Do you see how they do it?

I'll let you take the test, and if you don't figure it out, I will write the answer over the weekend (don't have access during! :( ).

My conclusion is that when a site is offering readings for money, they have to be sincere about it. Offering a FAKE free psychic-test to convince you, is wrong.

As I've already said, my intention with this thread is to disclose the insincere ones. This way we have a better chance to find someone who's honest. Personally, I was so disappoined by Astrodiens and The Online Psychic, that I've (almost) lost my faith in this kind of sites. Hopefully, there will be some type of approval in the future (maybe there is? Tell me! *s*).




I've just let my co-worker take the test, and he was *SO* impressed. He couldn't believe it, and we both agreed that this site must earn a lot of money! I'm exited to hear what you think. :)


I remember a 'magician' doing this one on tv....fortunately i remembered some of the other cards in the hand as well....



Oh, and I love the computer graphic of the "Stone hand of Ra (pronounced Rah)"..



Hi Malachite.
So you found out? *s* I also love this design. The site is really well-done! They have done a good job, and thus, I believe many are taking their offers. A petty, since it's an illusion. One can only imagine how much money some spend on these things. I feel sorry for them.

However, we've just started disclosing them, and I hope it all will be taken a step further. For example that some here write about them in their articles.

jade: what do you think about an article about fake-sites on the net, those offering 'alternative' services? I think it's a good way to get the bad ones out, and the sincere ones forward. :) Let me know.

Tarotbear 2

Are you talking about that 'pick a card' silliness? Where they pick the card you are thinking of? That's the oldest scam in the book! I have one that is 'endorsed' by David Copperfield himself-- same old scam!

They show you five cards and ask you to pick one by thinking of it. ZAP! The cards reappear and your card is MISSING! HOW DO THEY DO IT?

scroll down

They changed all the cards in the 'second' hand , so no matter what card you picked--IT'S GONE, DUMMY!

Write down the cards in both hands and you will see the red king is now a black king, etc.


's'ok....we noticed...


On that Online Psychic site does anyone else suspect that perhaps that photograph of the legendary "Stone Hand of RA" (pronounced "rah"). is not even a photo but a computer illustration???

Maybe they are trying to tell you not to take them seriously in oh so subtle ways....


Greetings all.

Tarotbear: the oldest scam in the book? Not all of us are so old you know... :D

Have any of you found other sites?