another deck for children


the previous forum had just begun the topic of tarot decks appropriate for children, before we were rennovated. some of the decks suggested were:
inner child, hanson-roberts, connolly, medicine woman, cat people (and i'm sure there were others)...
i thought of the topic again because i just saw the other day that mary hanson-roberts has illustrated a "whimsical tarot," based on fairy tales. it appears to be very gentle and benign as tarot goes and is suggested as a tarot for children.

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Wow Tauni - we must be in sync. I just got finished asking this question on the "Taliking Tarot" portion.
I had asked this question on the old forum and received great results.
Thanks for bringing it up again and thanks for the info.


i'll add the halloween deck (again) as a good one for children. i agree that the whimsical tarot is a good one for a child. i had considered buying it but it felt too childish for me. perhaps one day when my inner child comes out to play... ;)


have you seen the Fairy Tarot? It's an Italian deck...very whimsical and very cute! The Queens are a scream! You can see a sample of this and other decks on

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I think that the African Tarot has nice art for children. It is very colorful and very "friendly."

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The Hello Tarot also seems appropriate for children.


Dee: The Hello Tarot is appropriate for me, too! (For the inner child in me!) I love this deck: Not only is it cute, and simple, but it actaully still symbolic...

Another deck along the same lines as Hello, is the Stickman Tarot....



My 11 year old nephew was at my house a couple of weeks ago. He saw my Rider-Waite cards and copy of Joan Bunning's book, Learning the Tarot. He asked me if I'd teach him to read the Tarot. I explained to him that I was just beginning to learn but that I'd be happy to show him some basics after I learned a little more. He has been begging his mom for runes, too. I don't know where he has learned about these things since my sister doesn't have any of these things. She hasn't bought him runes yet, but hasn't told him no. ;) He's being pretty insistent. :D

I've taken note of all the decks mentioned. He *is* eleven and is very likely to already have an idea of what type of deck he'd like although he more than likely isn't familiar with how many decks there are. I don't think he'll settle for something too cutesy, but I wan't the artwork to be such that it's appropriate for an 11 year old. Can't have my younger sister scolding me and saying that an elementary school teacher ought to know better. :p ROFL!

He loves dragons. Are there any of the dragon decks that might be OK for him? I'd also been thinking of Hanson-Roberts.

Catcha later,