Another Faerie Experience


Well I had the most interesting faerie experience last week and thought I would share (possibly with myself as no one seems to be aournd ~giggles~). Anyhow, last week I left work and I know for a fact that I pulled my purse and brief case out from under my desk like every day, then turned off the computer and such and went home. When I was almost home I realized I did not have my briefcase, in which I keep all my to be paid bills and such, and I could not remember leaving it at the office or taking it with me. I found myself with two choices, worry to death or wait to see if I left it at the office the next day. If I had left it in the parking lot by accident, either someone here would have already picked it up and locked it in the office, or it would have already been stolen.

I calmed myself and went on about my business than evening and though I slept uneasy, I made it through the night. The next morning I before leaving the house, I went to do my usual routine of shuffling the faeries oracle and getting my companion for the day, and realized there was a faeries oracle card lying face down on my talbe. I know with 100% certainty that I did not leave a card out the morning before. I am very annal about having all of my faeries with me in their bag in my purse every day. So I knew that one of them had moved himself to my table and was my companion - who am I to argue with them? - so I flipped the card over and it was Ilbe the Retriever!!!!!

A rush of relief rolled over me, I knew my briefcase was in Ilbe's safe keeping. So I drive to work, come into my office, look for my briefcase, and it was shoved deeply into the back part under my desk where it could barely be seen, and much further than where I place it when I come in. Everything was there. What a relief! So there you go, another classic faerie moment with a happy ending :D


lol That's a fantastic story! I haven't had the Fae very long, but I get the impression they're waiting to spring something like this on me. I don't think They'll try though. I lose so much myself, I don't think I'll need any help ;)

pickled pixie

Oh Jewel that is a lovely story! I am sooo glad you shared with us :D

I LOVE the fae so much!!! :heart:

pp xxx


Jewel, what a wonderful faerie story! Yes, our faeries are something, aren't they? I'm so happy for you that your briefcase was in the safe hands of the faeries. If you are good to them and believe, they will look out for you---and even travel where need be to help you out! As, Ilbe has just done for you! Make sure you tell him a hearty and happy 'THANK YOU!', and trust me, you'll have a faerie friend for life! :D


thank you for sharing, that is a lovely Faery story!


Hey what do you know!!! There are people here still ~giggles~. Thanks for your comments :D

Aximili, give them time and you will have your own set of experiences. If you dig through old threads around here you will see how many of us have had them. They may not hide your stuff, but they will find something else ~giggles~. Welcome to the study group, hope you hang around and share with us. With the faeries there are no begginers, just new friends and experiences.

Celticnoodle, I could not agree with you more. The faeries and I have been friends for over 7 years of constant companionship, and friends we are. You are right, if you believe marvelous experiences open up. I cannot imagine my life without them. And you can bet I thanked Ilbe! he saved my life, my husband would have been very very upset with me had I lost that.


I've actually been hanging around the Group for a while, reading people's thoughts and opinions. this is just the first time I've felt compelled to post :)


You lucky girl... always getting the best experiences... mine have helped me transition to the new school and I have made at least one great friend already so my year is looking good. The office is small and I am still hiding my faeries, but I think soon they will be comin gout


Hey Faerylvr ~hugs~ glad to hear that the new school looks like it will work well, and that the faeries might get a coming out party ~giggles~. By the way, I am ready to start working on our "filling in the gaps" project with the Faeries. Might even do one of them today! :D

Aximili, glad you decided to post, hope to see a lot more of your posts!


Now I've had the courage to post once, you probably won't be able to get rid of me ;)