Another Froud Faeries Purchaser


I brought the deck yesterday and have already started playing around with it.

I really do like the deck, but one thing drives me mad I cannot find a card that I dislike or try to withdraw from; bang goes that idea in the book! :D

(The Fawn, and later Honesty, I feel are going to be guides :))

But wow it's a nice deck, I really love Death, such a peaceful and calming card!


Hi Kenny....
Quite a large crowd of Faery Folk here on AT! :D you just mentioned my 2 absolute favourite cards, The Faun & Honesty, I have a small dog that has the look of the Honesty card (yes really he does - apart from being green of course:D!). Hope you really enjoy them Kenny!!
MM :)


Kenny, as MM noted there are many Faeries Oracle lovers here on AT. You are welcome to come and join us in the Faeries Oracle study group. It is a great place to share and learn. Enjoy your faeries!!! They are quite special.