Another Waite Tarot?

Electric Maenad

Hi folks,

I realize this is an IndieGogo campaign link, but I was just wondering if anyone else had heard anything about A. E. Waite having designed a second, unpublished set of Tarot cards. I'm kind of intrigued by this campaign, but I'm a little skeptical of any claims of secret sacred knowledge…

Laura Borealis

Yes, though maybe calling it a deck is inaccurate? In the sense of a deck of cards you shuffle, no. I believe they were more like a set of Major Arcana images for meditation. I don't know a whole lot about it, though there are threads here somewhere. And there was a book published but it was too pricy for me.


I believe they are a set of tracing boards for use in ritual. The book Laura is talking about is Abiding in the Sanctuary by Tali Goodwin and Marcus Katz. I think that if you search for that name you will find the thread in question, although I remember it as quite a confused and confrontational thread, for some reason.

Laura Borealis

Thank you. :) I was having trouble searching for the thread.

The artist is John Trinick, and the few images I saw are beautiful.

Laura Borealis

Good question. The Indiegogo proposal -

"I want to visit the Iowa Grand Lodge Masonic Library, where a large collection of his letters and lectures is held. It is likely that there are many unpublished documents there that have never existed outside of the author's original hand written documents. Once I'm there, I'm going to mine them for information regarding Waite's work at the time when he created his second, secret Tarot."

Thanks for the British Museum link. I could have sworn there were other paintings though...? At least, I remember one I don't see there, unless my memory is faulty.

ETA- found the thread


To be honest, it sounds a bit sketchy. Not that I'm doubting he's earnest, just that he doesn't supply any evidence for his claims, and it comes off as a wild goose chase. If there actually is anything there, what can be done in three days? Waite deserves that treatment, just not three days. Goodwin and Katz spent years on their efforts, it's hard to imagine anything less.