Answer Deck Study--Battle/Lady/Secrets


I pulled three cards for my daily outlook reading. Because I tend to read these cards as a group, rather than individually, I thought it would make sense to start a thread for all three cards....looking at how they work together.

Here are my initial thoughts on each card, first individually and then as a group:

BATTLE: This is a gunman from the Old West, standing with his hand next to his gun holster. He is steady, confident, unafraid to face his enemies. This is a man who stands up for what he believes in, regardless of what it may cost him....

THE LADY: This could represent an actual woman (querent or a woman in querent's life) in the reading, or an attitude. In the picture, we see a young, confident, sexy woman wearing riding pants and boots, and holding a whip. She is taking the reins, in control of the situation...

This is one of the few cards given some attention in the LWB:

Feminine, epitome of woman, mother, sister, wife, practical, intuitive, makes use of her sixth sense. (R)--Lethargic, vain, fickle in love, indecisive, unfaithful.

SECRETS: There are two people, male and female, wearing masquerade-type eye-masks and whispering to each other. Their eyes, from behind the masks, are very expressive, and make me feel uncomfortable. To me, these two look like they are up to something...scheming against somebody!

***I tend to pull the SECRETS card A LOT....and I don't always interpret it the same way...depends on the other cards and just the feeling I get from it at that time. Sometimes it is not seen as anything "malicious" could just mean that someone is keeping something hidden, for their own purposes.... the fun part: how do these three cards influence one another???

I see the man as being prepared to do battle with the Lady....a verbal battle of wits perhaps??? Both are confident and up to the challenge...evenly matched. The Lady is convinced that she is in control of the situation, but she may be underestimating the man's abilities...he is much more intelligent and clever than she realizes. The Secrets card here represents hidden information, or influences, that will have an impact upon both parties. There may be someone outside of these two who is manipulating the situation, turning the two against each other for selfish reasons.

Anyone else have another take on these cards???

What is so interesting about these cards is that you could interpret the same three cards in about fifty different ways!!! Because there are no "set" definitions, there are no limitations....

:) Luna


maybe a jealous boyfriend/husband, hearing secrets/gossip about his girlfriend/wife?


sunflowr said:
maybe a jealous boyfriend/husband, hearing secrets/gossip about his girlfriend/wife?


That is the beauty of these cards....there are SO many ways to interpret them....the key is to trust your intuition to give you the information needed for a specific issue....

I was thinking again about these three cards and came up with another scenario....

Pretty basic, straightforward really.
You've got a man on the Battle card, a woman on the Lady card.
They could represent the querent and his/her lover, partner...maybe they are just close friends.

Then you've got the Secrets card....again, not necessarily meaning "deception" or "betrayal"....maybe it just means that one of these people is not being honest with the other for some reason??? Keeping secrets, keeping his/her feelings to him/herself.....or, again, maybe this is hidden information from BOTH of them! Secrets being kept from them by an outside party?

It is fun to look at these cards and try to figure out all of the possibilities!!!

Thanks sunflowr for starting these study threads!!!

:D Luna


Here are the three cards:



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