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Hello everyone :)

I don't post here very often but my Faeries Oracle is one of my favourite decks and I try to draw a card from it from time to time.

This morning, while shuffling the Oracle, I was letting my mind wander over all the things I need to do, reflecting on putting things off and procrastination when I should really be getting on with stuff ....

"I wouldn't be at all surprised if I got the Fee Lion today" I thought.....

You know which card I turned over, dont't you?

Oh yes, there was that bewhiskered reproachful sulky gaze, castigating me for my inattention and laziness and telling me to just 'Get On With It!"

So I shouldn't really be on Aeclectic this morning - I DO have lots of things to do - but I thought I would just post about how appropriate my Faery-of-the-Day happens to be :)




I love that bewhiskered prodder! LOL! So funny how he popped in just when you knew he would.



That's so cool that you knew the card would come up before it did. I love that kind of experience. I just find it beautiful. :)

As I do not really believe in coincidence anymore since I started Tarot, to me it shows two things: the amazing capacity of the cards to show us just what we need when we need it, and also that you are very connected with this particular deck/the faeries.

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful experience,

Have a great weekend


Island Dreamer

Thanks for the comments :)

I find the Fee Lion turns up quite often over the course of a couple of weeks but, once I've caught up with my backlog, he goes back to eating chocolate-covered thistles for a while :rolleyes:

Island Dreamer