Any medium with experience with traumatic death?


Hello Mediums...I hope someone can help.

Has anyone experienced a traumatic death of a passed loved one?

I am looking for someone that could offer me some advice on how to process a rather traumatizing event a deceased loved one let me experience. Due to the fact that this is my own family member and the death is violent, I won't discuss it in the thread. I saw and felt the experience and have been trying to work through it.

Please note: The spirit did not want to show me but I insisted i wanted to know. And it's not that I wish I hadn't asked. I'm glad I know how they died.

I appreciate anyone willing to help. Thank you


Yes, you can pm me.


The thing to focus on here is that you asked, and now you know your loved one in spirit heard you. And you also know they are not suffering now - that was how they crossed only, not how they remain. So take out of this experience only the fact that you asked spirit to show you something and they did :)
And in future you could ask not to be shown the full details of a passing, but only to tell you whether it was sudden, before their time, caused by illness, or by their own hand, etc etc. Many mediums don't often get the cause of passing and would envy you ! :)