Any one else get this e-mail?

Major Tom

It's from
Your Work@Home Connection
Earn $11.40 Per Hour Plus Bonuses
Set Your Own Schedule
Work as Independent Contractor
Give Tarot Card Readings by Phone
Free Employment Training Available
Never a Cost or Fee Charged to You
Work with Blue Lotus Counseling (BLC)
BLC Listed with BBB Since 1995

I certainly wasn't looking for this when it arrived - but now that it has - it has made me think }>

I've responded to tell BeaMoon that I live in England and ask if that would make any difference.

I could do a job like this as long as I thought I was genuinely helping my clients. }>

Does anyone know of any similar organisations operating either internationally or better still in England?

Does anyone have experience they could share regarding this type of work?


I haven't heard about this one, but I am always a bit skeptical about that "free training" bit. A lot of these organizations "train" you to get people's names, addresses, etc. when they call, turning tarot readers into telephone solititors. In order to be part of their organization, you're required to put your querents on mailing lists, offer them free gifts if they make a certain number of calls, keep them on the phone as long as possible, that kind of thing. It's the cost such phone lines make YOU pay for being one of their telephone psyhics.

But who knows? Maybe this one's on the up and up. I'd certainly be glad to hear of at least one that trains you to just do the reading and nothing more. Let us know.


Hi Tom,
I got it too, about a week or so ago. I clicked the link for training, it goes to Joan Bunning's course!

I know what you mean about wanting to help the callers. I've been looking around a little, too. I'm not sure I have decided what direction to go in, but I do want to read more than I am presently.

Please let us know if you decide to check it out. --I'd love to hear from anyone who is working for them, or another organization to see what it's like.

I'm thinking that the key is finding a company that you are comfortable with and rules that don't bend your beliefs.

Good luck, and please let us know!

Love and Light,

Major Tom

Thirteen - I did notice when I visited the site that they offer bonuses for phone numbers and addresses :-( but there is a basic rate of pay. Still it does seem rather explotative doesn't it? I've not had an answer to my e-mail reply yet. I don't suppose I'll follow it up.

GeminiLady - That does indeed seem to be a problem. Are there any reputable companies offering tarot readings over the phone?

If there aren't - looks like a good business opportunity. }>


Some things you should know..

1. You are required to maintain about a 15 minute hold time for users of your service. That is, they want you to keep people on the line at least 15 minutes or more. When your average goes down, you are inserted and queued into the computer less and less. Some people I know don't even get an hour a day in anymore because they can't get up into the 30 / 40 minute range like the pros.

2. These services often charge $3.95 a minute, and so you are expected to maintain above $60 per reading. (That is, 15 minute or more.) The pros get around $90 - $120 a reading. You are basically getting paid $11.50 an hour to reap in $240 an hour. This is something that I myself find unethical.

3. Finally, most important, is that yes.. you are given bonuses for collecting names and addresses. However, if you do NOT collect the names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, selling things (ie , if you know they want to buy something, you should pass that on too.) then you will lose your job. That's all there is to it. These people are not out to offer reading, but to collect information . Your job is to be an interface to a database.

I recommend if you wish to read, that you go to your local new age type bookstore and ask them if you can perform readings there for pay (or tips) . They should be a bit more ethical and helpful than being solicited by a company that sends emails to 1,000,000 people at a time.

With love and concern,


I got it too. I think that she (Bea Moon) got names from the Barnes & Noble Tarot course. I looked at her web site and was not impressed. An acquaintance had signed up to do readings for Mrs. Cleo's group. It was as magnwa described and she quit.

Major Tom

Magnwa - Thanks for the information. I certainly wouldn't want to be associated with people that operated in such a fashion. As I said - I could do the job as long as I thought I was helping my clients. }>

Arizonagirl - She didn't get my e-mail from a Barnes & Noble course. }> Hmmm....maybe

Hmmm.... no reputable companies operating in the field? Sounding more like a business opportunity every day. }>


I saw that posted in a newspaper - twice. Turned out to be two different companies running just as mangwa described (hope I didn't mess up the name totally there!). I tried them out for a while, partly because I was desperate for a job and partly because I thought it would help me be gain more confidence as a reader while providing a service. It didn't quite work out that way, and I quit because no matter how inexperienced I was, there was no way this could help anyone. I didn't have the heart to keep people on that long when I knew they'd be paying through the nose. What finally baked my noodle was when I faced the fact that I was making pennies per minute while someone was making four or more dollars per minute on MY work!


Major Tom- you've changed your quote! Didn't Indiana Jones say that? ( And you thought no one was paying attention! )LOL!!! :p :p :p