Anybody ever have weird experiences with Moldavite?


I recently bought Moldavite oil. The last two nights I have put some in my bathtub. After a while I started feeling very odd. My head started swimming and when I put my head under water to rinse my hair, I felt like I couldn't tell which way was up. I stumbled around for the next few minutes till my head felt attached to my body again. Does Moldavite help in astral traveling as this is what came to mind when I tried to figure out what the experience was?

Anybody else ever have strange experiences with Moldavite?


When I asked about the moldavite stone in a store, the lady told me
that it had something to do with the movie ET.
Was there something in that movie that talked about moldavite?
She said something about astral travel, but at that time, I didn't
understand. Brought the stone home and haven't touched it since.
Her conversation was a bit disturbing at the time! :D



I don't know one person who hasn't had an interesting experience with moldavite. I have one little piece and it disappears all the time. I have just come to accept it. I don't know where it goes or what it does but most of them time its not with me.


I LOVE my moldavite! yes it has a BIG affect on me, I have to keep it in glass or it blows up electrical appliances, when I first got it I had it near my computer, and we went through 2 hard drives and 2 monitors in 6 months.. then I looked around hmmm found the culprit and put it behind glass - it comes out to play often!!
I use it mainly to calm my migraines.

there is a book on Moldavite (which I have to purchase ONE DAY)

I think its an extraordinary stone

my mums advice - dont drive while wearing Moldavite ;)


The crowned one

I have a large collection of it, along with my meteorite collection. I have never had anything "strange happen". It just sits on the shelf I put it on. I do love the range of greenish shades that are popular in the market, but for me meteorites are much more fascinating as they are not from this planet.

Briar Rose

Usually when I wear my modavite ring I can feel the vibrations in a room more intensely. Sometimes I don't know if that's a good thing as it depends on the situation. But it does have that drugged affect at times.


I get flushed and lightheaded, I have to stop wearing my piece after a while. It's so intense and I love it, but...... phew.

All Is One

I want a piece....I'll put it behind glass and take it out when I'm prepared.

NO oil of moldavite in my bathtub...thank you very much. I'm close enough to astral travel in my own brain minerals without help.

But it sounds really interesting, DB!


This is a fascinating thread--thanks so much for starting it, Dancinbear! Because of this thread, I just ordered a lovely Moldavite pendant, and I can't wait to see what will happen when I wear it. I've just begun to take more of an interest in astral travel, so we'll see, and I'll report back if I have any interesting experiences...


I have a beautiful moldavite pendant. For a long time after buying it (online), I didn't feel drawn to wear it. I just looked at it, and put it away. When I started to wear it, I became so sad I could have topped myself. I tested wearing it and not wearing it on several consecutive days, and the effect was always the same. So I don't wear it anymore :(. But when it just sits in the vicinity, nothing happens. I was very surprised by the effect it had, I wouldn't have believed it before.

My thoughts on that is that I take so easily to astral travel and all forms of psychic activity that moldavite is an overload. Either that, or I'm homesick for yon stars ;)